2250 Points Necrarch - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Points Necrarch

    I have only just started my new VC army, so i thought i'd make a list to see where I'm going with it:

    Necrarch Vampire Lord @ 438 Pts
    Necrarch; General;Level 3 Wizard; Necromancy
    The Awakening
    Sword of Striking
    Ring of the Night

    Necromancer @ 150 Pts
    Magic Level 2; Necromancy
    Power Familiar

    Necromancer @ 150 Pts
    Magic Level 2; Necromancy
    Dispel Scroll [
    Dispel Scroll [

    30 Zombies @ 190 Pts

    30 Zombies @ 190 Pts

    30 Zombies @ 190 Pts

    30 Skeleton Warriors @ 290 Pts
    Spear; Shield; Standard,Captain

    10 Dire Wolves
    Doom Wolf

    8 Black Knights @ 240 Pts
    Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician,Hell Knight

    3 Fell Bats

    15 Grave Guard @ 238 Pts
    Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician, Crypt Keeper

    Casting Pool: 10

    Dispel Pool: 7

    Models in Army: 160

    Total Army Cost: 2246

    C&C Welcome

    EDIT: Some item and unit costs removed. Please do not post item values or unit totals where a wee bit of division will give the per model cost. Thanks.

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    I like the setup and would make only minor changes. Drop the doom wolf for another dire wolf: more models mean more attacks and more unit size and more wounds.

    Drop the spears for light armor on the skellies. More staying power with better armor save.

    The one big change I have is to drop the grave guard. You want at least 20 to be effective. You already have four infantry units and will be raising plenty more with your strong magic phase. You have black knights, which eat up a lot of points. I usually take either BKs or GG, but not both...too expensive. The knights have better charge range and hit harder with str 6 on the charge. So I'd drop the GG.

    Now you have lots of points for more wolves, or even spirit hosts. Overall I think the army could use some more speed and mobility, hence the wolves. But hosts are great flankers, too, and present lots of problems for the enemy.
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