Keeping everyones advice in mind I put together a list that will mainly be fighting high LD heavy armor opponents (Lizards, Dwarfs, etc..)


Necromancer Heydrich - General - 145
Level 2, Cloak of Mist and Shadows

Necromancer Sorut 140
Level 2, Book of Arkhan, Black Periapt

Orsus of the Blood Dragons 130
Flayed Haubrek, Sword of Might

25 Skeletons 265
Light Armor, Banner Bearer, Musician

30 Zombies 180

Banshee 90

5 Ghouls 40

5 Ghouls 40

6 Dire Wolves 60

2 Hosts 130

8 Black Knights 280
Barded, Full Command, Screaming Banner

The Ghouls and Hosts will hopefully absorb some fire while I move my units up and the Black Knights + Wolves find a good flanking position. Making my General ethereal saves me a lot of grief as I can put him in a unit without worrying quite as much, the Thralls meant to help the skeletons though I'm not sure he fits very well with anyone.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.