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    25 (x2)

    My first Vampire Counts list

    Unnamed2000 Pts - Vampire Counts Army

    1 Blood Dragon Vampire Lord @ 730 Pts
    Blood Dragon; General; Level 3 Wizard; Necromancy; Full Plate Armour
    Enchanted Shield
    Blood Drinker
    Crown of the Damned

    1 Zombie Dragon

    1 Wight Lord
    Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour
    Ring of the Night

    1 Nightmare @ [0] Pts

    20 Skeleton Warriors
    Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

    1 Skeleton Captain

    20 Zombies

    20 Zombies
    Standard; Musician

    19 Grave Guard
    Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

    1 Crypt Keeper

    9 Black Knights
    Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

    1 Hell Knight

    1 Banshee

    Casting Pool: 4

    Dispel Pool: 4

    Models in Army: 95

    Total Army Cost: 2000

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    /botnobot/ DavidWC09's Avatar
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    1283 (x8)

    I like the flavor of your list, but I'd make some serious changes.

    Blood Dragons are notoriously deficient in the magic phase, and a magic phase is essential to a VC army, IMO. I'd drop the lord to a count and mount him on a winged nightmare. WNs don't have any type of save, but remember that you can heal them with IoN, all the more reason for more magic.

    Now that you have a hero slot freed up, you can take a second necromancer and give him the BoA or a Power Familiar.

    Wight Lord
    Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour
    Ring of the Night 1 Nightmare @ [0] Pts
    If you keep him, the Sword of Kings is too good to pass up. Pair it with the enchanted shield on a barded mount for a 1+ armor save.

    20 Skeleton Warriors Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician, Skeleton Captain
    These guys are fine.

    20 Zombies

    20 Zombies Standard; Musician
    Good choices.

    19 Grave Guard Shield; Standard; Musician, Crypt Keeper
    And where is the Banner of the Barrows? Hitting on 3+'s will do great things for you. Drop zombies, drop a black knight, do whatever it takes to get that banner IMO.

    9 Black Knights Barding; Shield; Standard; Musician, Hell Knight
    I like the warbanner on these guys. +1 to CR can really help them when they hit a flank.

    I call my banshee Blinkers. You might find her name funny, but just hope that she's not curdling your eardrums and wilting your brain.

    You'd have 7 or 8 power dice and 5 or 6 dispel dice, depending on the inclusion of a familiar.

    I'd do something like this:

    Blood Dragon Vampire Count General; Blood Dragon; Level 2, Shield, Winged Nightmare, Sword of Striking, Master Strike, Red Fury, Strength of Steel

    Wight Lord Barded mount, Sword of the Kings, Enchanted Shield

    Necromancer, Level 2, Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll

    Necromancer, Level 2, Power Familiar

    19 Skeletons, Shields, fc

    16 Zombies

    16 Zombies

    20 Grave Guard Shields, fc, Banner of the Barrows

    7 Black Knights, Barded mounts, Shields, fc, War Banner

    1 Banshee

    8 casting. 6 dispel and one scroll. 84 models.

    Created with Army Builder
    Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Lone Wolf Development, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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