Ive done a bit of work on this list and have finally come up with the following

Vampire Count, level 2, additional hand weapon, ring of the night, spectral attendants, aura of dark majesty and earthbind(in drakenhof templar unit)

Thrall, wolf form, flayed hauberk, great weapon(follows/supports flanks and wolves)

Thrall, heavy armour, additional hand weapon, cursed book(in levy unit, cursed book helps counter hits on central part of the army)

Wight lord, army standard bearer, drakenhof banner, heavy armour(in drakenhof templar unit with count, banner provides more magic resist to unit and general - wont be using the summon feature)

24 Sylvanian Levy, hand weapons, light armour and shields, standard(unit supported by the thrall, goal is to have zombies as durable as possible with cursed book and 4+ armour saves, thrall for support)

5 dire wolves, scouts(move into postion early and idealy have the wolf form thrall in support)

6 dire wolves(flankers)

3 fell bats

3 spirit host(screening central units)

18 Drakenhof templars, standard, crypt keeper, banner of barrows(includes count and wight lord, move alongside levy idealy)

8 black knights, standard, hell knight(considering being conservative with this unit and moving alongside main army then using to flank charge enemies)

Black coach(one will be converted as the counts personal transport)

Black coach(converted to look like a large plague cart which would deposit the grave markers for fluff purposes)

that should be a total of 2250 points, yes I know I have 2 black coaches but I realy want to convert the 2 pieces, sometimes a purely pleasing themed army out weighs a tactical one