Hi all,

I just begin with my friend in the beautiful world of warhammer fantasy after playing some years of warhammer 40k. After some hard decisions, I finally choose Vampire count and I always love wolf and von carstein fluff . I made a 2000 pts and here is it:

1 Von Carstein Vampire Count @ 354 Pts
General; Nighmare (Barding); Magic Level 2; 2ndWeapon
Walking Death
Ring of the Night
Aura of Dark Majesty

1 Von Carstein Vampire Thrall @ 134 Pts
Great Weapon
Wolf Form
Flayed Hauberk

1 Necromancer @ 150 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Book of Arkhan

1 Necromancer @ 150 Pts
Magic Level 2
Power Familiar

25 Zombies @ 165 Pts
Standard; Musician
25 Zombies @ 165 Pts
Standard; Musician

15 Skeleton Warriors @ 215 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

9 Ghouls @ 64 Pts
9 Ghouls @ 64 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts
5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts
9 Dire Wolves @ 90 Pts

9 Black Knights @ 249 Pts
Barding; Standard; Musician

3 Spirit Hosts @ 195 Pts

Casting Pool: 9
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 108
Total Army Cost: 2001 (my friend don't care of the 1 pts)

This list use the new rules of 7 edition. My gaming store got the starting box (with over 100 models) a week ago and resume all rules that change (not alot), this means all rank 5 and no GW for my mounted VC.

My count will ride with the knight trying to hit hard without being suicide.

My thrall with be in the squad of 9 wolf to have two rank of 5 and they will be chasing warmachine and weak unit.

Each necromancer will be in a zombie squad and the skeletons will be in front trying to take the charge while the necromancer do their spell.

Spirit host as blocker for non-magical attacks.

Ghoul as flanker or distraction.

So what do you think?
Thanks for future help!