A series of events have got me going at conflict toronto (wasn't planning to go to a tournament anytime soon!) So I'll be dragging my undead horde with me, has my main army for next year won't be ready. I'll have to play some brush up games this weekend, so I would appreciate some feedback as soon as possible.

Here's what I think of bringing :

Lords & Heroes

Carstein Vampire Lord @ 441 pts
Great Weapon, Cursed Book, Walking Death, Spell Familiar

Necromancer @ 150 pts
Level 2 Caster, Book Of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll

Necrmancer @ 150 pts
Level 2 Caster, 2 Dispel Scrolls


20 Zombies @ 135 pts
Standard, Musician

20 Zombies @ 135 pts
Standard, Musician

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 50 pts


19 Grave Guard @ 360 pts
Halberds, Shields
Full Command
Banner Of Barrows

6 Black Knights @ 240 pts
Full Command
Banner Of Doom

3 Spirit Hosts @ 195 pts


Banshee @ 90 pts

Total 1996 pts
Models 82
Casting 9
Dispel 6

Now, my main concern is my total dependancy on magic. I could trade a necromancer for a wight lord and strap him on a horse, or in my grave guard. He would be a fierce caracter killer, and cheap cost.

To counter my loss in the magic phase, I could trade the cursed book for a power familiar, or the spell familiar for a black periapt.

Or again I could always drop in a wolf thrall.

Thoughts or comments ? Thanks in advance ^_^