The local GW store will be hosting a 6 week Warband Escalation campaign that starts at 200 points and adds 50 points a week. I figure the following would be a fun starting point with my Ghost Pirate (Vampire Counts) army:

8 Dire Monkeys including "general" Jojo

6 Dire Monkeys

5 Skeletons in Light Armor

What would be a good addition to my starting force of 200pts to bring it to 250pts? I could add 8 Zombies or field a total of 10 Skeletons in Light Armor but would lack Crunch Power. I could yank some models to add something nasty. Would a Wight Lord in Heavy Armor & Enchanted Shield be a useful addition? Just how nasty can other armies get with a maximum 150pts of Hero(es) in a 250pt army with 2 core choices, up to 1 rare, and up to 1 or 2 special choices?