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    Seduced Swain Lahmian special List

    Lahmian Swain army

    Vampire count
    Lahmian bloodline Innocence lost
    Asp Bow
    Staff of Damnation
    Level 3 Necromancer

    Necromancer Book of Arkhan + Dispel Scroll

    Lahmian Swain 1:
    Liche priest - Staff of mastery + Casket of souls

    Lahmian Swain 2:
    Bretonnian Paladin Grail Vow Virtue of the joust and armed with Wyrm Lance
    Heavy armour and shield rides a royal Pegasus

    18 grave guard - heavy armour halberds and shields. Standard + champion Banner of the barrows

    8 black knights - champion + standard with Banner of Doom

    9 ghouls - ghast

    9 ghouls - ghast

    12 skeletons - shields light armour + spears. Full command

    1 banshee


    ---ghouls-----skeletons---graveguard---black knights---------Liche Priest-----ghouls--

    the vampire countess and the Necromancer will be side by side in the fornt rank of the grave guard. with her innocence lost ability, she will slay any models firast so that the necromancer cannot be struck in combat. she will use her asp bow to slay an enemy character before combat - targetting an enemy izard with the s4 poisoned shot eah turn as they dont usually have armour saves. Im am likely to kill 1 enemy character in this way before combat so I will reduce the enemy dispel and power pool.
    the black knights and the paladin will advance into position so that the paladin swain can flank charge a unit while the black knights charge the front. the pladin swain re-rolls attacks on the first turn of charges with his lance and also has a 1 use only s3 flame breath attack from the magical lance so will be very useful vs a block of t3 enemy. together the knights and him will certainly win combat if they succssefully charge, then id have 2 3d6 pursuit moves = enemy run down. the bnner of doom will protect the BK fromshooting while the paladin will be positioned as described abvove so to limit the number of enemy shots available against him.

    Meanwhile the grave guard and the skleton unit will march foard and the couns bound item will cause hellish vigour on the wo units (and probably the knigths as well in turn 1 and 2) making them very good. the bnner in the grav guards makes them excellent in combat so i expect anything thatcomes into contact with that uni to be beaten by a lot.
    lastly the two ghoul units will scutle under cover up the flanks. each unit has a total of 19 poisoned attacks ach - thats more thanenoug to slay even a teeman, and easilly able to dipatch a unit of skirmishers/artillery crew.

    Magic: I have 2 level 2s, 2 bound items that the enem will save ispel dice to dispel and I have the luche piest with the casket of souls. Basically, the casket causes the sam effect as a banshees scream on ALL ENEMY UNITS IN LINE OF SIGHT! thats automatically every turn... hahaha. thats going to cause a lot of deaths, and dosent allow armour saves so will be excellent vs knights and low leadership armies!
    finally i have taken a banshee to go mage hunting if im playing vs high elves (high elf players ALWAYS hide a high powered mage ina wood in typial cowardly elf fassion), so a banshee will move into a wood and scream at the pathetic weakling.
    otherwise she will support the skellies.

    You may notice i have very small core unis - thats because I think they are overpriced, an also by aking only 12 the enemy is likely to ignore them as they pose no threat (particularly compared to all the wights i have in the army) so they will act as a detachment in support of the grave guard while i will cast invokations to increase their numbers to a ood size of 20-30. That way they will add the outnumbering benefits in combats with my grave guard, and with spears they can withstand a charge quite well an still come out on top if i summon some more of them. I will just be careful not to let them be flanked. Also as they have light armour and spears + shields theyare expensive, but an other skeletons summoned will have the same equipment for free, so its a good trick of saving points.

    I have already got permission from my local store by the way, an also the incanations from the liche priest do work on vampire counts undead, i checked. (he will be an old lover from the land of Lahmia she has recontacted after all thee centuries, while the bretonnian paladin was on his grail quest and was seduced into service as her lover/champion.)
    so what do you think of the Lahmian swain army?


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    To be honest, I don't like the lord's build.

    Having played WE snipers, I've found that they very seldom kill something. Remember that the bow fires at Str 3, and only once a turn. So first you must hit, then you must wound, and then the enemy must fail any saves. Otherwise, it doesn't work. This means that you could easily spend four to six rounds trying to kill even a low-level character.

    As for the staff, a bound item is nice, but I'm not sure it utilizes her available options as much as possible. I really do like the item and take it often, but a lord like a VC character should rely to some extent on combat ability. How about the sword of striking or the sword of might?

    Plus, I'd give her Quickblood. She could potentially suffer enough wounds to kill her in one round of combat at the hands of an Old Blood, Chaos Lord, or Orc Boss. With no chance to cast IoN on her, I'd worry about her longevity.

    The Necro is fine.

    The Tomb King guy is really interesting, but will his spells effect VC units? As for fluff, this makes no sense, since Lahmias inhabit the courts of Bretonni. On the other hand, Lahmians have a direct link to the desert wastes of the TK.

    The Breton lord is really interesting, too.

    It's a weird list when it comes to core units. I'd drop the size of the ghouls units, drop the knights to 6, lose 2 skellies (since they're pointless at 12 and you need to raise more anyhow), and add more grave guard. I really think you need more here, one large expendable unit. I'd drop the skellies for a bigger zombie unit. That way, you won't have to dedicate IoN to it, which makes me think of something else.

    You only have two attempts at IoN, so magic becomes really important.

    Back to the infantry, if you really want the GG unit, they should be bigger. You can't summon more.

    Ghasts are pointless. The points are better spend on another ghoul for a net gain of one more attack, one more unit size, and one more wound.

    Drop the spears on the skellies.

    I really like the war banner on BKs myself, but the ward save is nice, too.
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