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    2000 point: friendly competitive

    EDIT: Some point totals removed. ~DavidVC04

    295 - Lv. 4 Necro Lord+gem of blood+power familiar

    150 - Lv. 2 Necro+power familiar

    150 - Lv. 2 Necro+book of arkhan+dispell scroll

    129 - Blood Dragon Thrall+tomb blade+magical shield+heavy armor

    164 - 14xSkellington+light armor+spears+SB

    160 - 25xZombie +SB

    160 - 25xZombie +SB


    4xFell Bat

    3xSpirit Host

    166 - 6xBlack Knight+SB

    Black Coack
    DoW cannon


    10 power dice
    10 dispell dice

    tear it apart guys, learn me a book

    Last edited by DavidWC09; December 21st, 2006 at 03:17.
    All of which makes me anxious, sometimes unbearably so

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    First off in a VC army the Lord character (ie LVL 4 Lord) takes up two character slots. Thus you have 1 too many characters for a 2000k list. Also your lord would need to be a Blood Dragon as well if the Thrall is going to be a Blood Dragon.

    Other than that:

    I don't really feel like the Black Coach is worth it's points. It pretty much just sucks.
    The DOW cannon will be considered cheezy by the majority of your opponents and you might or might not want to let that influence your decision to use it. Pretty much VC's rare choices suck and more VC players don't ever take a rare with the exception of the Banshee. But in my experience about half the field at any given event is Immune to Psych so I pretty much never (ever) take them to a multi game event. Same reason I never take Spirit Hosts.

    I would suggest another unit of Black Knights for the Coach, and some dire wolves for the Cannon.


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    Banshees are great against the right opponent. You can't rely on them every game. Sometimes they roll horribly and sometimes they roll great.

    The black coach is a beast. I disagree with TJ. It can win games for you, despite the fact that you'll lose it on occasion to the well placed cannonball.

    You can have the thrall with the master necro, though it's a bit unusual. Still, it's perfectly legal.

    And TJ is also wrong about the master necro taking up two slots. He's thinking of a vampire lord. So your heroes are fine.

    I think the skellie unit is way to small. And I'd drop the spears on it.

    I like the special choices you have. Finding points for the warbanner on the knights would help a lot.

    As for the cannon, I don't have a problem with it. Some people will, some won't. If you want it, take it and don't worry.

    I think the master necro needs more protection. Even if it's the ring of the night, he needs something as he'll be a big, and soft, target for your enemy.
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