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    2000 points, first VC list

    Well, I've been looking into the Vampire Counts and decided to go out on a limb and make a little list. I don't think it's that good tbh, and the character choices in particular leave much to be desired, but I figured I'd ask some opinions on it before I made any decisions about it, since I know very little about the Vampire Counts. Open to any and all constructive criticism, or if something looks good tell me:

    Master Necromancer - Level 4, Obsidian Amulet, Cloak of mist and shadows (general)

    Vampire Thrall - Blood Dragon, Heavy armour, Shield, master strike, sword of battle

    Necromancer - Dispel scrolls x2

    Necromancer - Dispel Scrolls x2

    19 Skeletons - Light armour, FC

    19 Skeletons - Light armour, FC

    19 Skeletons - Light armour, FC

    30 Zombies

    19 Grave Guard - Shields, Full command, Banner of dead legion

    5 Fell Bats


    Total Points cost = 1993

    When I look at this list, I see a few potential problems:

    1) VERY slow army. Fell bats are the only real manoueverable unit. I don't know much about undead cavalry, so wanted some other opinion before splashing out points on it. Obviously the key with these guys is getting auto-break when in the flanks, so I think I need something other than foot soldiers.

    2) Characters leave much to be desired - One mediocre hitter, one very good mage. Not much else. I thought about taking a vampire count, but again wasn't sure. I decided upon this to put the thrall in with the grave guard, and put the necromancers in with the skeleton units. The master necromancer is equipped as such to make him virtually invincible, since the times I've watched undead (only once or twice) I noticed that losing your general hurts...a lot.

    3) Likely to become bogged down and defeated in straight combat - not sure how to get around this. In straight combat, these guys are gonna go down to most other infantry in the game.

    So Sayeth Jimmy boy

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    Hmmmm. This is actually a really nice list. I will make a couple of suggestions for improvements though.

    1) Change the Necro Lv2's kits to the following:

    Necro Lv2: 150pts
    Power Familiar

    Necro Lv2: 150pts
    Book of Arkhan
    Dispel Scroll

    This will make your magic phases even more deadly, and all allow you to use a very powerful bound spell too.

    2) Change the banner on the Grave Guard if you can to the Banner of the Barrows. This will vastly improve their hitting power

    3) Drop the Thrall for the following character:

    Wight Lord: 99pts
    Heavy Armour
    Sword of Kings
    Enchanted Shield

    This will allow him to have 3 attack hitting on 3's and instant killing on 5 and 6's

    4) Drop two fell bats and 10 zombies and get yourself some dire wolves. Fast cavalry will really help this list, and you should be able to get 2 groups of 5-6 with the spare points.

    As for tactics, I would try and raise new units on peoples flanks, then use the book of arkhan to charge them in the same turn, and maybe the spell Hellish vigour to make sure they strike first!! This will allow you to do some damage once someone gets in combat with you.

    I hope this helps

    :ninja: out
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    Yeah i agree with what gingerninja said ^^ dire wolves are great for negating ranks, as well as 9 inch move rate. Blood dragon lords are really deadly, and get full plate armour automatically, so you may want to take a count just for plain hittyness.
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