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    2000 point blood dragon list for friendly

    i have just started collecting vampire counts and this is my first army draft, please note that this is only a draft and blood dragins might not be definate =] all constructive critism is welcome, this army is based around my style of play also =] here goes

    Count Seltaos BloodWolf
    blood dragin vampire count (lvl2)
    lance, shield, full plate, barded nightmare
    red fury
    strength of steel
    sword of might

    total 362 pts

    necromancer (lvl2)
    barded nightmare
    power familiar

    total 162 pts

    Shade Bone chanter
    necromancer (lvl2)
    cloak of mist and shadows

    total 145 pts

    Shandor Blackdove
    wight lord
    enchanted shield
    sword of battle
    heavy armour

    total 103 pts

    19x skeleton warriors
    light armour
    full command

    total 234 pts

    20x skeleton warriors
    light armour
    full command

    total 245

    19 grave guard
    heavy armour shield
    banner of the barrows
    full command

    total 322

    10x black knights
    heavy armour
    full command
    banner of doom

    total 340


    total 90

    this makes the total cost 2003, the friends i plan on playin are ok with the 3 points over (probally because he is 112 points over) but liek i said its my first lits, so please be gentle lol. all advice welcome in advance =]


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    Just a few quick points:
    • Your army needs another core choice, as you only have two, might I reccomend some wolves or ghouls?
    • Your VC has got strength bonus on the charge, and a sword of might? why not just leave him the lance and give him red fury (5 s8 attacks?)
    • Your necromancers dont have the book of arkhan between them, I think you can't rely on rolling for vanhals danse, you need that spell.
    • You gave the wight lord sword of battle which is fair enough but hav a look at the sword of kings as well. Remember you'll be hitting on 3's
    • You need something to guard your flanks and threaten the enemy's flank, perhaps some dogs or ghouls would be a good choice.
    I hope these pointers help, good luck!
    Arms are an instrument of evil, No measure for thoughtful men until there fail all other choice but sad acceptance of it.
    Sun-Tse : The art of war

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