1500pt von Carstein first attempt - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt von Carstein first attempt

    This list is very infantry heavy, and is currently at 1502 points. not sure how to lose these 2 points however
    General: necromancer: level 2, barded nightmare, armor of bone: 162 points
    other heroes: Vampire thrall: walking death, barded nightmare, H armor, lance, shield, walking death power: 137 pts
    Wight lord: battle standard, heavy armor, hand weapon: 89 points
    Core: 4x 20 skeletons: musician, standard bearer, spear, light armor: 235 points each
    special: grave guard x 12: musician, standard bearer, H armor, shield, hand wpn: 174 pts

    please comment, plan on advancing in a slightly curved line ( kind of a frown face), with necromancer in the grave guard unit in the middle, thrall in a unit of skeletons on his right, and the wight lord to his left. Please comment on the viability of this list in combat (vulnerable flanks could be an issue) and any other problems you see with it. thanks

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    well VC normally rely on lots of magic but you only have one necromancer.

    And by the looks of it he is charging down the centre to get killed and if he does your whole army is doomed. (And I don't think he can join the GG as he is on a horse and if he can theirs no pint as he's loosing the movement advantage of the horse)

    I think you should get rid of the nightmare and armour of bone and replace it with a small unit of zombies for the necro to hide in and then you should remove the GG as this points game is to small for them, replace them with some flanking units like wolves or ghouls and use the spare points to give the necro some good magic items like the book of arkhan or a power familiar.

    Also the skeleton units are quite expensive and this could be a problem as you don't have enough magic to keep them all alive so I think you need to drop some stuff off them to free up some points.
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