Well the Unusual Hoard of Visitor Q didn't quite get the title (the were only Rather Diabolical), but 3rd place isn't so bad......

So what did I learn from Votewar and did it help me develop my army.

The most interesting thing I observed was that armies which had a strong theme or 'direction' were the most successful while armies that went for a more balanced approach tended to be knocked out fairly early.

I also noted that people seemed to attribute qualities to a persons army based on Racial expectations not actual content.

So I gained a few votes on people saying how I would be able to swarm my enemies with zombies and summon many more. My army only had two 20 strong zombie regiments and fairly mediocre magic.

On the other hand my Grave Guard for the first few battles were more or less overlooked despite them taking up over 25% of my total points.

For this reason I think in future vote wars I will definitly go for stronger magic and spend less points on the Grave Guard. 20 would have been fine to make the point.

Being able to cause Terror (and thus fear in fear causing troops) was invaluable and my Wight Lord with the Hell Banner will definitly find his way into my next votewar list. This is quite interesting because in real life I actually very rarely take the Hell Banner, maybe I should investigate to see how potent it really is.

My Ghouls did nothing really, I think a Banshee would have had more of an impact.

I think at least one Hard Hitting regiment is definitly needed, preferably one with speed. I lost out to Arklite because I wasn't able to engage quickly enough with him while Kiradia lost out to me because he didn't have anything that could actually destroy my units.

I think a unit of 10 or 12 Black Knights might be the way to go next time.

Anyway these are my initial thoughts, feel free to comment, and next time watch out for the Unusual and Very Diabolical Hoard of Visitor Q