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    Army Building Question

    Well, I've been collecting for a long, long time, but I really haven't played; so here goes a few questions regarding the building of a vampire counts army.

    1- I plan to start off using a 1k point army. I seem to be seeing many people slapping in two necro's. My question is if two thralls would be just as effective? I'm not really sure I want to base my army on necromancy too heavily. If it makes really any difference to the answer, I would be playing Lahmian army.

    2- Zombies? I don't seem to understand the over-emphasis of some people on zombies. Other than the pure cool factor, would it be best to stick to low zombies and just start raising?

    3- Bat swarms- Just don't see many in army lists, why is this? What is the reason(s) people just don't like these beauties? Also, the same question with the Coach.

    4- Ghouls seem so overpowered for X points, and yet I see nobody using them in hordes. Why is this?

    Thanks for any comments in advance ;Y

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    I have answers to a few things.

    1. My understanding is that you need at least one Necromancer. Your general has to be able to use magic; I'm sure that's in the rules for Undead somewhere. So you need at least one Necromancer.
    (You can get around this by using Nechrachs, and the Nehekra's Noble Blood upgrade, which makes your Thrall into a Level 1 Wizard)

    As for the second slot, I don't know. Maybe the second Necromancer is just there for moral support?

    2. This kind of backfires if people keep dispelling your casts. Or if you miscast. It could be a viable tactic, but starting off with a solid base of zombies means there is less risk to you should something unfortunate happen.

    3. I think the coach is very susceptible to cannon balls. And usually acts as a magnet for them. As for bats I don't really know.

    4. I've heard nasty rumours that they are prone to running away. They have their fans, though, and apparently act as very good charge bait or as a screening unit.

    Hopefully this is useful in some way and not too inaccurate. I'm sure others will be able to provide you with some more detailed hints.
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    1. If you need one necromancer to be your general you might as well go for magic, and VC works best when you can raise a lot anyway.

    2. What Brett said.

    3. Bat Swarms were ok when they didn't crumble, now they die way to fast. Plus they were useful as a tarpit, and zombies already do that very well. And they can be reraised.
    The Coach isn't really worth the points you pay for it, too often it spends the game hiding from warmachines or some other S7 hazard. That said, I still use one in almost every game i play.

    4. As Brett said, L6 makes them a little unstable, but they are very good at being a skirmishing nuisance. And with a good flank charge they can surely do some damage. But I wouldn't use them as my primary core unit, skeletons or zombies are much more solid for that. Ghouls have multiple units they can't deal with reliably, including units with good static CR and/or good armour. I use 1-2 units for support or charge-bait, but you could easily use more. Their tactics will however change drastically with the new VC armybook.
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