Upcoming 'ard Boyz tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Upcoming 'ard Boyz tourney

    Just have a brief question on the upcoming 'arb Boyz tournament coming up. "Any mounts, weapons and upgrades must be modeled on the miniatures" does this mean if we put spears on skeletons, that all skeletons must have spears, or just the majority.

    More over my question is more based on if we raise more into the units, will they also have to have spears on them.

    This seems to probably be the only really unit we may have issues with as most of our "troops" have Static weapons, minus the Characters.

    Any insight will be useful cause I may have to change some models around if this may become an issue with this.

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    Well the rule book says that the majority of the models in the unit must have the weapons the the unit is equipped with (Page 54, "Weapons and units"). If you don't want to stick spears on all your models then you're going to have to contact the tournament organisers to find out what they consider the majority to be, most of the time it's only muscicians, standards and champios that are different.

    The answer for the second question will be yes, as you have to show the equipment they have. Personally I'd expect little leeway here, as a VC player you plan on raising, if you don't bring the correct models for that it's your own fault.
    You might get away with the old trick of mounting the decorative grave stones on bases, or modeling skellies raising out of the grave to get around it though.
    2000AD's answer to all "How do VC deal with ..." questions: Forbidden Lore + 2 Power Stones.
    Further answers will require more vodka.

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