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Thread: VC project

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    VC project

    Hello my fellow point theeths

    I've finally decided the fluff for my VC army and my general is going to be Mannfred von Carstein. I'll post some information here and some army lists in the army list section.

    The Adventures of Mannfred Von Carstein
    Seeing his army destroyed and his own chances of surviving dire, Mannfred von Carstein summoned all the power that was left in him and made for the waiting corpse cart. Would he make it? He had to reach it before the forces of the Empire could reach him, as his necromantic powers were weakened by those cursed dwarfs who fought alongside the Empire. There it was. A scent of death and dead bodies surrounded the cart and Mannfred felt renewed, as if he had spent the last hours preparing for the battle, not fighting it. Surely he would manage to escape.
    “Get going”, he commanded with his powerful voice, and as the construct began moving, he felt rejoiced. His army was all but faded away, but the Empire wouldn’t be able to catch up with him. He had enough power to raise an army twice as large as this, and when the time was right he would strike at the heart of the Empire.
    Suddenly the sky was filled with the sound of wings. Mannfred looked to the sky and there, as a little dot in the sky, flew a mighty creature with one of the Imperial fools on top. This was perfect. Not only would he manage to escape, but everyone would think he was dead, buried in the swamps forever. He let the ebb of magic fly free around him as he prepared the summoning spell he had learned from the sorcerers in Nagashizzar. It was as simple as summoning a skeleton, but more effective than any other spell he had ever known. It was as if an invisible force had put a mirror in front of him, the creature in front of him was an exact copy of himself, and with one commanding word the creature took his place in the cart, and the real Mannfred transformed himself into a bat and flew away in the dark sky. They would never know he escaped until it was to late…

    This project is based on the life and adventures of Mannfred von Carstein, the most cunning of the three von Carsteins. Mannfred survived at the battle at Hell Fen. Above is the Explanation. Both Mannfred the Acolyte and Count Mannfred will be used in the following lists. Both this and character’s vampiric powers and magic items will change to represent what period of Mannfred’s reign is the present.

    Please tell me what you think and please check the army list section.

    5000p. High Elves
    1000p. Eldar

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    Nice idea there. I've always hesitated to use characters as you're sort of tied in to a story, but if you're taking the story up at the end... Well, you can do what you like with it then!
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