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Thread: Vlad questions

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    Vlad questions

    I have several questions regarding putting Vlad in an army. I'm curious to what people think.

    1) Vlad in smaller games. Can he be in a competitive 2000 point list? Do you you need 3000points until he's worth it?

    2) Is Isabella worth taking with him all the time, sometimes, or never?

    3) What unit(s) would be the best bodyguard for Vlad?

    4) What heroes/units would complement him and/or beneift from him?

    Thank you for your time.

    Oh yeah, and an unrelated question, I'd probably use Vlad's rules for my own vampire leader. What do you think of a converted Mephiston for the Vampire leader?

    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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    I'd use both Vlad and Isabella rather than just one. They work well together, just read about they're equipment and you'll see. Theres gonna be a lot of wounds recovered using both in the same unit although separate units has a plus side for vlad too; If he dies and appears in her unit then its easier for him to be recovered to his starting health (read about isabellas wound recovering item).

    I'd use them in a more melee, on foot type army. You'd probably need more magic support, another level 1 or 2 vamp would probably do, maybe 1 or 2 necromancers. Thats why i'd only use them in 3000 or more, because your spending a lot on characters and you may want a bit more magic power.

    I have used a level 3 melee vampire lord and a level 2 magic vampire as well as a wight BS, thats usually only just enough magic. So this vampire couple might want some further magic support i think. Though you could probably fit them in a 2000 point game, just consider you won't be raising units above they're starting strength thats all, thats the downside.

    Thats a blood angels guy? its kind of fitting, he has an evil look about him, although I actually bought Vlad just for the model, he has a better older, violent type of vampire face, yet has long hair. If you know what i mean? I hate vampires that look like Christopher Lee as Dracular, or those Draculars from the 1930's films. I prefer either a old kind of mystic, twisted vampire like in Nosferatu, or a kind of murderous vampire like what is refered to as "the first vampires" in some films or tv (like a more feral look; bald, pointed ears, claws, larger teeth, nose like bat, etc). Nomak is blade II is pretty cool too.

    Good idea though, the conversion should work, depends how you want him to look, i'd just give him another sword instead of the pistol, and replace his head with one you i like (i'd go for my prefered feral vampire head). Although his head will work as a more human looking vampire.
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