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    Starting Vampire Counts Again ?

    I have been playing Warhammer on and off for probably 10 years and have taken a year out for exams etc , but now I have finished everything . I have lost track of what has been happening within the Warhammer world except for the fact that a new Vampire Counts army has been released .

    I was just posting to ask where would be a good place to start again , what units would be good to get from the new book and what mainly has changed in the army , as I think from what I can put together quite a bit has changed ?

    Thanks .

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    The new Vampires are now much more resilient due to the enhanced magic rules, and the older Vampire bloodlines have been subsumed into a fully customisable list of Vampiric Powers, which you can mix and match at will.
    Also, any Vampire model allows your army to march, so as long as you have a selection of models with this rule, your units become as mobile as most conventional armies, so not so much the shambling horde of previous incarnations. Necromancers are relegated to a support role only (they cannot lead an army), and are useful as additional magic users.

    Grave Guard and Wight Cavalry are excellent "hard core" for your army, coming from the special section of the army, and there is a fantastic selection of elite units, in the form of the rare choices of the Varghulf (a sure-fire mage-killer and decent flanking units for dealing with war machines and skirmishers) and the Knights of Blood Keep, who are Vampires that can potentially make Khornate Chosen Chaos Knights look a little like girl-scouts in red armour...

    The basic core choices are the usual, Skellies, Zombies, Ghouls and Dire Wolves, you also now have Corpse Carts which are rather like a zombie horde with a Necromancer or similar riding on it, and that can really ruin an opponents magic phase, or enhance your own units.

    The magic is very powerful, and there are some deadly magic items combinations that make vampires very capable instruments of death. However, vampires are NOt invincble, and still can get beaten by a dedicated assault, e.g. by an Alter kindred lord with Great Weapon, High Elf Dragon lord, Chaos Warlord etc, if they aren't properly protected. Your best bet is to use teh general as a support character, and use the other vampires in teh army as the pointy-teeth of your undead advance...

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