I'm inexperienced with Fantasy (only ever played with a friend's High Elf army) and totally new to Vampire Counts. I liked the VC because it seemed the most familiar to me, since my favorite and best army of 40k was Necrons. I've already purchased 60 skeles, a black coach, 6 felbats, 4 batswarms, and 2 necromancers, and 4 vampires.

My question for you guys is, I've decided to jump in with both feet, and play in a league that's going to last for 4 months. It's a 3000 point minimum, and I've already posted my theoretical army list in the army list section. What I wanted to know from y'all is, what are some common pitfalls new people make, what are good all around tactics (I don't know what armies I'll be facing, so I don't know how to tailor my army to meet them). I've tried to mix magic with military might in my list, and my thinking is that I'll utilize my skeletons and bat swarms to keep my oponent's attentions (and keep my characters alive) while my blood knights, ghouls, and grave guard do all the killing.