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    Red Fury and ihate

    I've never personally used it but it looks oh so tasty. Anyone put this combo to good use? Also, if you miss with your red fury extra attacks do they benefit from ihate?

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    Its a good combination which is often used but works best in the right tool up in both your army and lord.

    I.e. giving your lord the blood drinker baled with the combo works extremly well but need to watch out for those more heavily armoured troops as the basic strength 5 on a vampire lord will sometimes fail to provide the sort after slaughter power. On foot my lord has RF and carries the sword of might, getting his rerolls from other methods, and he has worke just fine, able to kill many more knowing that i can take out 4+ armour saves no problem, as its rediculous just how many 6+'s your oppnent will roll when he needs to, when you hit at strength 5.

    Also, this means that your lord is at most a level 3 wizard which works fine in alot of vamp armies having the other vamps and necros to back up spell casting, and blood drinker raising anyway, but a bad round of combat or the death of another vampire often leaves such armies lacking later on.

    It may be worth thinking of using the royal banner of strigos or van hels in order to get the rerolls in the long run, freeing up potential points for either more troops, bloodline powers etc.

    also yes, extra attacks do bennifit from the IH re-rolls.

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