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    Opponents of the Undead

    I thought this thread would be usefull for people playing counts and want to figure out what are the challenges when facing different opponents, and what VC units to take against them. Please feel free to add ur expertise about the armies you know best about.

    A Hord army, so watch out that you don't get outnumbered, take big units and watch out for detachment flankers. Cairn wraiths, even 3 will make short work of them however. Use Zombie screnes for your units against Nuln type armies, especially vamps from thier hochling longrifles!!!! Use bats/varghulf to take out war machines (same applies for elves)

    Need Help. Obvious Calvary force that can out manouver you, unless you take black knights, vargulfs, and cairn wraiths to counter.

    High Elves:
    Always strike first...Unless u r the sneaky son of a bitch that gave ur vampire the nightshroud! Varghulf is great at taking hits, and i find will almost always regenerate more than odds say he should, good against flanks of swordsmen. Avoid classic frontal unit on unit combat. Use corpse carts to shut down thier magic and don't let them cast drain magic at all costs, or u won't summon anything. How do u kill dragons? a zombie dragon or cairn wraiths?

    Dark Elves:
    New and more effective w hatred. Cairn wraiths can destroy cold one knights. Need more help.

    Wood Elves:
    Black Knights are a must. Wolves and bats usually not worth thier points as they get shot down 2 quickly, unless u use bats as a suicide to kill wizards to dominate magic. Don't take wraiths, too many magic attacks. Don't go in the woods, other than black knights.

    Magic heavy armies struggle if you can't kill ruinsmyths. Use movement to your advantage, again zombie screnes. Need more input. Don't take Blood Knights.

    put great weapons on your GG. Remeber Killing blow is usuless (i found out the hard way ...). Vargulf is great, as well as wraiths if you avoid the yhetties (sorry for all the bad spelling). Use Zombies as a tar pit to hold down ogre units you don't want to fight. Need more help.

    Orcs and Goblins:
    Leadership will always work in your favour atleast once a game, but don't underestimate orc muscle. Use Wolves and bats for fanatics, and don't let that gaint anywhere near your GG. I used to play orcs for 5 years and i've gone through 2 GG units of 20 with jump up and down in 1 game! Zombie Tarpit black orks.

    Ambush hurts, so watch out for flankers. Need more help.

    Chaos Mortals:
    Zombie tarpit Chaos worriers, untill you have killed mauraders and such. Vargulf will dispatch spawn, while wraiths will tackle Chosen Knights. And i almost forgot, Blood Knights, I choose you!

    Tomb Kings:
    Undead vs. Undead = long and boring games = don't bother playing unless you have 2. Take avatar with great weapon, Don't take corpse carts. Use lycni form hero to kill heirophant.

    Also immune to pysc. Blood Knights are worth it.

    Use bats to Kill skinks/skink priests. Vargulf can hold his own against units of 15 or less saurus.

    Need Help

    My mind started to wander at the end, but hopefully there is something there. Any additions on each army would be GREAT!

    please try to:
    1. Identify Power of the army and Weakness
    2. How to counteract 1, with or without what units/items/characters.

    Thanks, and my all our foes serve us in death!

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    Bretonians are actually very week against vampires. Make your units big enough to hold off there very deadly charge and keep them in combat and they are done for.
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    I would second that about Bretts struggling against VC's. Bretts generally rely on one thing to pull them through combats - breaking a unit on the charge. If they are forced into second round + combats then they suddenly become very expensive mediocre str models with minimal frontage and very long flanks. Against an army such as VC - which never break - they lose their largest advantage. To this end I would suggest taking a 'horde' army against Bretts. Large blocks of troops with either plenty of raising potential and some flankers to do some damage (Black Knights, summoned units etc). Just beware of Grail Knights - 2 magical attacks per knight can be quite nasty. And don't challenge their Characters unless you are certain of a win - they can be surprisingly strong in challenges - although there is an item that they can take that makes them issue challenges - so you could always accept with a champion to deflect the attacks - or alternatively you could challenge (if you feel confident) and either slaughter them or, if the challenge is refused, they lose the blessing.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    Against bretonnians I would suggest (in addition to the above) using a lord with Forbidden lore and lore of metal or lore of beasts. Spell 1 and 6 of metal gives you nice S6 hits no armor save hits vs knights and spell 2 can disable their trebuchets. The other spells are also very good, although not speciefically anti-bret spells. Spell 4 of Beasts can prevent knights from moving and 5 is nice vs lance formations. And of course, a vampire lord with Bear's Anger is always pretty sweet.

    Vs. Tomb Kings, lore of fire is obviously nice. Lore of shadows is nice because it allows you to kill their hierophants using Steed of Shadows (Although this is very dangerous ). Also, I would use at least one vampire with a Great Weapon as S7 hits insta-gib their chariots which makes for tons of CR.

    Vs. Ogre Kingdoms, consider the Frostblade as each wound kills an ogre. That's a lot of CR.

    Vs. Lizardmen, Lore of Shadow is pretty useful. Creeping Death is great at taking out those annoying skinks and Pit of Tarnus is very good vs. the horrible Initiative of lizardmen.

    I'll try to think of more later

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