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    Need advice! New to VC!

    Hey guys,

    So i've finally found out what army suits me best. After alot of trial battles with other armies and what not VC is the one for me! This weekend i had a friendly tournament with friends for 750pts. Against Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, High Elves. This was my list....

    Vampire: 195pts (Placed in the unit of 20 skellies)
    - Tomb Blade, The Flayed Hauberk.
    - Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead.

    20 x Skeleton Warriors: 180pts
    - Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.

    23 x Skeleton Warriors: 204pts
    - Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.

    Varghulf: 175pts

    Total: 754pts

    It seemed to work pretty good... I massacred everyone except for the Lizardmen which i only managed to achieve a minor victory. The wood elves won the tourney with most victory points. My Vampire and Varghulf never died. I just kept my army alive basically with the ION spell.

    I found out how much i like VCs and how fun they are to play. All i could hear were my mates whispering to each other saying well my treekin can do good against the skellies and what not...... i think my skinks can pick off a good chunk of the skellies... blah blah blah. (One thing that weirds me out though is how poison effects us undead.... whats that all about?? haha)

    The new dark elves are ridiculous. So... sorcerers can take this magic item which allows them to pretend they're within 6" of anything on the board. Also they have that spell which generates extra power dice. On top of that his mage just hid in a bunch of trees casting spells with the lore of Metal spell that can target my a unit.... that was what he was counting on basically. The dark elf player rolled a miscast and that pretty much screwed him over... and i cut down the rest of his army. However if this hadn't have happened i think i would have been royally screwed. I'm just wondering if anyone has run into this problem yet?? Because how i see it is VCs can either Massacre or just get completely annihilated if they lose their Vamp at an early stage in the game. (There's no in between)

    For 750pts how does that list look? also could anyone give me an opinion on Crypt Ghouls cause i like them but i'm not sure if they can survive against say skinks blow darts or wood elf shooting or any shooting haha... my skellies did absolutly nothing all game and i didn't expect them to... but i'm wondering this would probably change if i had Ghouls.

    I never raise any Zombies and i don't know in what situation you would because.... they aren't that great.

    Anyway i know i'm asking alot and i have so many more questions haha... but thanks so much for your time guys!!


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    I think this probebly belongs with the other VC army lists but I am not a mod so I can't move it. *hint, hint*. But um yeah congrats on your big wins mate.


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