well you may know from the "i just spent 500 bucks" thread I have been building a vamp army wanted to share what I have picked up so far and what I plan to acquire

1sartosan vampire
1 queen khalida( using as a necro or a vamp I just liked the model)
1 bestial vampire lord
1 varghulf
5 bloodknights ( the box set castellan /standard/mujsic)
2 strigoi
3 cairn wraiths
1 banshee
2 felbats
10 ghouls
1 corpse cart
2 spirit host
1 wight standard bearer

I plan on turning a bunch of bretonnian knights and peasants into ghouls and black knights and I also plan on picking up some dire wolves etc; i have painted the varghulf, lord, blood knights and strigoi

any suggestions on what I should buy next? I was thinking the battalion box to beef up my core