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    Taking on VC need help

    Hi I'm having a real Hard time playing against VC, I usually end up losing. The game I played 2 days ago ended up in me forfeiting in the 2nd turn because my lord die who was hiding behind a building and the Cairn Wraiths used their howl through the walls! I didn't know they could do that xD.

    My opponent fielded something like this (he usually takes a list similar to this):
    1 lord
    1 vampire
    1 corpsecart with necro
    5 wolves
    5 wolves
    6 black knights
    19 gave guards
    20 zombies
    20 skellies
    10 skellies
    1 vargulf
    3 batswarms
    3 fellbats
    Cairn Wraiths

    I fielded something like this:
    Level 4 sorc
    level 2 sorc
    24 warriors
    10 crossbowmen
    6 harpies
    6 dark riders
    6 cold one knights
    18 black guards
    6 shades
    2 RBT
    1 Hydra

    He got first turn and marched forward and screened all his units with bats. The only thing i could hit was black knights with 6 dark riders and some bats with rest. My first magic phase ended up doing nothing.

    I don't really have an idea on how to take on this VC army. Please help me on some tips against VC. What would you field against VC? I must be doing something wrong because I doubt that VC is overpowered.

    Also I could use tips in general against VC like what should I do against their magic or how do I take down 20 skelletons they last a few turns.

    Any advice is welcome since I don't find much advice for DE against VC.

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    We don't know what bloodlines he has and what units his vampires joined, or magic items you have.

    For your list its odd that your only using 2 mage characters. When you want to use magic you should have at lest 3 casters if not 4. This will also give you better magic defence. Another good option is to take a Combat Lord and 3 lvl 2 casters.

    -His list has 3 vampires meaning it will be hard for him to have his entire army march.
    -His corpse cart with necro will be vulnerable to your RBT's. if it joins a unit when you attack it focus on the Necro and when he dies the cart leaves the unit.
    -Magic Missile his Cairn Wraiths and bait them away with dark riders/harpies.
    -Kill of some dire wolves so they can't flank you.
    -Try and Flank his block units as once his ranks bonus is gone his units will fall a lot faster.

    Not sure how 3 fell bats and 3 bat swarms can screen his entire army? If he is screening his core skellies and grave guard thats fine because thats not what you want to be shooing anyway. He would just raise any of those loses.

    Your cold ones should be hitting his black knights or the flank of his grave guard.
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