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    Bloodknight Deathstar?

    Hey all ,

    il try not to waffle too much! but i had a tactic in mind that id really love to try , i own 10 of the bloodknight models and love them so much , i want to field them all in a 2k battle , rather than 2 units i was wondering if one super unit would be viable ? as i also love the black coach !

    my idea was basically to use ghouls with the ghoulkin advance to setup a choke point , and prevent flankers/counter charges , and ofc lots of direwolves to screen my bloodknights advance , putting characters in this unit so it is possibly 2 ranks of 5 , or 6 , and throwing in drakenoff banner for regen , and possibly , banner of the dead legion - i would roll this unit straight up the batlefield with my black coach behind it to appear when the bloodknights are engaged - i generally want to avoid too much magic as its really not my thing , i know i can squeeze this points wise , but im just wondering - is it SUPER ridiculous? or just mildly ridiculous? obviously its pretty much a one trick pony , but i thought it may be fun to try once or twice?

    pro's con's? please share your views! but also please refrain from any unecessary flaming if this is an obviously silly idea in your eyes!
    also please share any other ideas for fielding 10 bloodknights in either 2 units or one in 2k games!

    Thanks a lot!


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    10 blood knights in one unit would be incredibly inefficient as you just wasted 220 pts for an additional rank (assuming a 5x2 set up) sure they'll have more casualties before they lose their frontage but that's why we can raise them back from the dead

    2 units of 5 would be a better option imo, that way that can also engage more units and make the enemy deal with more units and usually 5 blood knights will own any other unit in the game in 1 turn anyway. Either way you'll need dire wolves screeners, because believe me it sucks to have none and have your infamous blood knights chasing a unit of fast cav the whole game (damn wood elves!)

    The black coach is awesome though, it's nearly indestructable and I think totally worth it in points (especially after the 1st 2 powers it gains) although if your main opponents have guns then it becomes very squishy.

    Just keep in mind that while those 2 units (whichever you choose) will be incredibly destructive it's not leaving a whole lot of points for the rest of your army after you factor in your vampire lord and other hero vamps (if you can even afford those guys) The good thing though is a vampire army can start small and grow larger, but that will require a lot of magic to get through the opponent's defenses which you said you don't like.

    In a 2250 game the non-magic list (and by non-magic I mean 8 PD) I run has 5 bloodknights with the flag of the blood keep and a lvl 3 vamp lord with dread lance and the crown and then a balanced vamp (lord of the dead) and a necromancer.

    I also had 2 units of 20+ skellies, 2 units of dire wolves and a unit of 10 ghouls and some wraiths. I think I had another smaller unit of skellies but I can't remember. Anyway I was fairly successful with this army against ogryns and daemons (I even managed to kill a bloodthirster) mainly because my large core units didn't need additional raising to be effective (although any additions helped) and so I didn't need to worry too much about most of my spells being dispelled as anything that got through was just a nice bonus (i mainly spammed Invo)
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