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    Varghulf Colors...

    Well, my army is slowly but surely coming along (got a bit side tracked) and I thought I'd take a break from zombies and skeletons to make my mighty varghulf. I've used some green stuff to reposition it into a more dynamic pose and I'm thinking of perching it up on a rock or something that will angle it so as to look down on any units in base contact. All in all, I think the modeling side is going well... now if only I could decide how to paint the damn thing! If at all possible, I would want to convey absolute beastly blood rage, and I'll likely do that with some basing of dead enemies and painting blood all over the thing's mouth and claws (perhaps smear some into the fur...) I don't want it looking dark and gothic, I want wild and unstoppable! I'm thinking like a maroon red for the webing of the wings, dark brown for the fur, and maybe skew away from the typical black skin for something else. A medium flesh tone? More brown? A light flesh tone with the hint of blue veins showing through the skin? should the eyes glow red, or is that too cliche? I'm willing to hear any suggestions, including drastic changes of my other color selections.

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    I think, back when the Varghulf was released, White Dwarf featured two different examples of Varghulf by two different painters. One was done in a dark colour scheme, but the other was painted in very pale colours, which sounds quite similar to what you're aiming to do.

    I guess scanning a picture in here would not be kosher, so I'm trying to find one online. If I do I'll direct you to it (or even post it here), but I'm having no luck so far...

    Okay, so I lie. I found the exact model I was thinking of over at the French GW site. I don't understand any French, so I can't tell you how he did it, but I can show you pictures...

    Or at least > link you to them <
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