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    Alternate Vampires

    I saw a thread not too long ago where someone was complaining about the games workshop vampire models not looking that great. They have some cool special characters, but some people want to venture off the beaten path, at least with their general.

    So here's the question: what are some cool alternatives for vampire models? These can include GW models not meant to represent vampires or models from other manufacturers. I'll get the ball rolling...

    Reaper has some nice vampires, perhaps the most impressive being "Lord Vandrian," a mounted vampire wearing some sick bat-themed armor.

    One could make a mounted and unmounted vampire out of the empire captain box set, however this would require removing some imperial iconography. Also, the puffy clothes look might not convey the "lord of undeath" feeling most of us are looking for.

    The wizard box set would be perfect for caster vampires, with lots of necromantic options.

    Dark elf heroes might work, if you like things pointy.

    There's mordheim, but their vamps look pretty lame.

    Juza Miniatures has a vampire character that burnt a hole in my eyes from its sheer awesomeness.

    I'll probably get the wizard set and then a special character to convert. I'm considering getting a low points mounted vampire to lead my dark knights and add some "bite" to their charge (pun totally intended.) Then again, I'd like to get some really impressive vampire on foot to be my leader. Decisions decisions...

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    The new sigvald model is good, and so is mengil manhide. I'm not too familiar with any non GW models so I can't help htere.

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    Reaper's miniatures are great. Do a search for Anti-Paladin and see what you come up with. Absolutely awesome.
    I saw another company that worked with vampires, but I'm not entirely sure how large the models were. I particular favorite of mine was one which looked quite similar to Marcus from 'Underworld', sitting on a modled throne and pointing. His skin is rotting and hollow, but he is certainly a vampire through and through.

    But back to the subject of Reaper, I've got their large-scale model, Monique De Noir, on it's way. My girlfriend wanted me to paint her something, so I figured I'd pick up this sexy looking vampire babe. They make a smaller version of her, but I don't really like it since she's wearing her helmet. In the large model, the helmet is off to one side, and I'm probably going to grind a sword-cut into it.
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