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Thread: A big thank you

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    A big thank you

    Hey all , just posting to say a big thank you to everyone who offered advice on army lists etc here on LO , i played my first WHFB game on thursday with my lovely VC army , against a very good daemons of chaos player at the 1k points range - and won! after being warned there list was very competitive , some good dice rolls and begginers luck helped me pull off the shock win hehe.

    there list was rougly;

    Masque of slanesh
    2 units of 10 horrors , herald and a banner which reduced my casting rolls i think
    a unit of 5 fleshhounds
    and 5 flamers

    i consider myself very lucky to do so well against this list - my opponent absolutely dominated the magic phases due to my choice of list , and them having lots of PD! using there great magic to tear apart 2 units of ghouls almost entirely (along with some help form the flamers) the battle revolved around the center combat , in which i attempted to soak up there harder units with my blood knights - my bloodknights were charged in the front by there fleshhounds of khorne , and in the flank by the masque , after the combat i was left with just my general and the bloodknight std bearer , accepting a challenge from the masque with a bloodknight.
    when it became my turn to dish out some hurt my vampire general with blooddrinker managed to cause 3 wounds restoring the unit to full strength , loosing the combat i soon lost those bloodknights and was down to my general again if i remember correctly , in my turn i charged the fleshhounds in the flank with a unit fo 10 ghouls , and charged them in the other flank with my other vampire who had flying , and a great weapon.
    The masque challenged again in the next round of combat , and a bloodknight excepted , my general and ghouls , and other vampire tore apart the fleshhounds , restoring all my bloodknights , and causing the masque to die through combat res! the battle really did hang on the balance in that one area of the field!!

    anyways sorry for the wall of text , but just felt like sharing such a fun evening! cant wait till my next game!


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    Congrats on the win, as a daemon player I can tell you that he used a very good list. Well done. (Tee hee, my name is Max too, just thought I'd add that)

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    That's what LO is for, to help other people out! (and then to have the people thank the helpers )

    Good to hear about your win, always nice to win.
    Got a "good" rumour from a GW staffer? Forget about it, LO'ers know more than any random GW shop staffer.
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