Hey, I have a game scheduled soon against a Tomb Kings player. He's only been playing a few weeks and after buying some models from a friend I know he plaans to field the following;

1 Tomb prince
1 Liche priest (maybe 2)
20 skeletons with shield and spear
8 horsemen
25 tomb guard
4 ushabiti
1 casket of souls

Of course, he may deviate from this list but if he does it willbe only slightly. Now what I want to know is do you think the following list can beat him at 1500?


Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Flayed Hauberk 170

Dread Knight
Blood Drinker 165

Extra Spell
Dispel Scroll x 2 120


20 skeletons
Full Command 200

20 skeletons
Full Command 200

20 zombies 80

5 Dire Wolves 40


14 Graveguard
Full Command 233


4 Blood Knights
Full Command
Kastellan with "biting blade"
Standard of Everlasting Death 290

Which comes to a total of...

POINTS: 1498

My "cunning plan" is to use most of my dispel dice to try and stop the casket, using a scroll when I need to, to ensure that my forces are not too easily devastated by it. Once I reach his lines I think I can be sure of a victory, with the dire wolves stopping my knights charging the wrong target, my knights can wreak havoc along his battle-line, maybe even charging them into the tomb guard, as with over 20 attacks on the charge (inc. the nightmares) I should beable to make them crumble. I plan on giving my necromancer raise dead and vanhel's danse macarbe so he can hopefully raise a unit of zombies and vanhel's them into the casket so it stops working, while my general bolsters the ranks of my skeletons with lord of the dead.