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    Anti-magic lists

    I played as 1000 game last night against orcs, who through a combination of three lvl 2 shamans and a totem that gave dispel dice equal to a rank bonus, not to mention the staff of sneaky stealing, had 9 DD to my 5 PD (6 with black periapt).

    I still managed to win by 100 VP, but it was very difficult to do so. I only got 3 spells off in the entire game. Long story short, how do Vampires deal with their magc phase getting shut down? Anything spiffy that we can do? It badly hurt my strategies by not being able to raise me some zombeis.

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    well, a few tricks i like when confronted by a heavy magic defense are;

    a) always keep a character hunting vamp up your sleave! a nasty little bugger w/hunter in the dark + infinite hatred + armour of night + sword of battle + talisman of the lycni... he matches the speed of elven fast cav - only steed of slaanesh & flyers can out pace him! he's got a solid 4 attacks to unleash, meaning he's also handy to keep around for hunting war machines or missile troops or skirmishers/fast cav! finally, he's almost imposible to hit with ranged missile fire! right off the bat you're at a -3 to-hit modifier, -4 if at long range!!! eleves typically need 6's to hit & 5's to wound him!
    he should sort out any enemy wizard that's not safely tucked in a unit...

    b) fell bats. 20" reach, and you should be able to line up a pair of 'em should the enemy wizard be hiding in the center of a unit! target the wizard with your attacks, and even if your fell bats bite the dust through combat res, well, it only cost your what? 60-80pts in total?!!

    c) wraiths. a terror bomb could be just enough to spook the little greenies! remember; fleeing wizards do not generate dice!

    d) always use your bound items first, and be sure to include lots! we have a glorious choice of bound spells through the inclusion of magic items & corpse carts...
    a pair of corpse carts will no doubt suck out at least a pair of dispel dice! add on top of that a bound vanhel's from the book of arkhan, and all of a sudden, your opponent is down to 6DD at most! (or else he's let you have a whole lot of ASF undead!!!)

    e) include a vampire or two with a 'master' bloodline power... with that, you can start throwing just a single dice into your invocation castings, which should hopefully draw out a pair of dispel dice should you roll a 4-6 on your single dice... (remember, with the +1 you'll suddenly be forcing hime to dispel on a 5-7!)

    basically, when the magic stops working like it should, fall back to our basic strength: fear! especially against greenies who have an average Ld of poo, they should be failing a goodly number of their fear checks... even if you don't outnumber them at first, once he needs 6's to even hit you, you'll start winning combats!

    crypt ghouls are great to take against orcs & gobbos since they T4 and 2 attacks each, they can pretty much go toe-to-toe with regular orc boyz thanks to their poison attacks... (orcs tend to go 'splat' when wounded - just watch out for black orcs though!)

    if you really want to stick it to him, try a vargulf or cairn wraiths w/banshee... terror is a hard thing for greenskins to deal with! gobbos especially will pack up and leave when the terror bomb hits!

    but basically, it really revolves around getting to their wizards... once a couple of them have been delt with, you'll find you'll begin to run roughshod over the greenies as we absolutely wreck them with fear!


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