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    Killing-est vampire?

    Normally when I play Vampire Counts, I go very magic-heavy. Lately, however, people are starting to catch on and plan accordingly. I want to shake things up a bit and make a more combat-oriented army. I was thinking of this as my Lord-

    Vampire Count
    -Red Fury
    -Dread Knight
    -Walking Death
    -Lvl 3 Wizard

    I've got 40 more points to be spending on magic items... anyone have some suggestions? So far, this is a vampire that, on the charge, has a 1+ armor save, 4 attacks at str 7 that hit automatically, and every wound caused lets me make another attack (which also hit automatically). He also gets +1 to his combat resolution, and is a lvl 3 wizard besides.

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    I'd suggest either:

    1- Accursed Armour. -3 WS doesn't matter when you hit automatically, though anyone surviving to hit him back might cause problems. (combo with Talisman of Protection or Black Periapt to use up points)

    2- Enchanted shield. Extra armour save allways helps.
    - Cursed Book. For 1 turn they'll need 5's to hit you, useful to make sure you survive if you get charged and challenged or need to deal with something big and nasty like a bloodthirster.

    3- Crown of the Damned. Stupidity is mitigated by LD10 and you're planning on getting him into combat where he doesn't have to test. 4+ ward is not to be sniffed at.

    4- Staff of Damnation. You only get 1 attack, but with your build you'll be hitting automatically with S5 or 7 depending on a charge. Take down any champions that you don't want to steal your challenge, or even try and take down a hero since you've got Red Fury. Also helps the unit you're in too.

    5- Book of Arkhan. Because it should be named the Book of Awesome and there's almost no reason not to take it.

    EDIT: And he only has a 2+ save doesn't he? (Heavy armour, shield, mounted, barding.)
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