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    VCs Competitiveness

    So i want to start a new army, but I enjoy playing armys that require a lot of tactical prowess and good generalship to be competitive. My question is do you think VC can be tactical instead of march up the middle and out CR opponent by spawning more skeletons. To be honest WE seem like the better rules wise, but I really like the VC models over the WE models.

    Any insight?

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    VC can be shaped exactly as the Player wants his Army to be shaped It is a very flexible Army, with many possible ways to go...

    It seems like you want an Undead Army

    You want a Tactical Army, that do not win due to OP

    Now, I would say that Tomb Kings is a perfect Army for you ( I must be mad, telling you this in the VC Forums, hehe )... Try it, and I assure you that you will need some tactics to survive out there

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    I play both VC and WE. To be honest, WE are the [seemingly] more tactical army. Almost any under-powered army is going to take tactics to play effectively, because you're going to have to find a way to defeat your enemy with your inferior units.

    Vampires should not be thrown to the wayside though. Fine tuning and honing a Vampire Counts list has been more entertaining to me than preparing lists for any of my other armies. There are so many different ways to customize our characters, and the role of our characters defines our army.
    The majority of Vampire tactics come in the list building phase. This is true of all armies- you never see people asking how to execute a refused flank, or how to enact a fighting retreat. Warhammer is very much like the battles of the Nineteenth Century, where armies just lined up on a field and slogged it out with each other. If we were given more room on the board, you would see more tactics, but currently, the game is down to who chose the better army, and who deployed more intelligently.
    Those two things are where Vampires must use make use of tactics. We must select an army that works as a cohesive force, since none of our units (excepting maybe Blood Knights) can win a combat on its own. We must also be prepared in our deployment, knowing how to match our units off against the enemy so that we can halt their most powerful regiments and fight against their weakest, and so that we can keep our characters spread through the army and make sure that we can actually maneuver.
    Vampires also require a lot of metagame thinking. We need to plan our magic phases and know what units to bolster, where to raise units, and how to maximize our potential in order for that "run up the middle and rez" list to work.

    If you want an army that will win consistently through tactics, then Vampires are the army for you. If you want an army where you can look back on your scattered victories and say "I was in top form that day," then you want Wood Elves.
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