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Thread: Shambling Horde

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    Shambling Horde

    Just starting VC and im looking to make a 2k point army. I really want to make it a magic heavy list. Was thinking of using the full 4 characters. Right now I dont have any models bought and was gonna use my army list as a shopping list. Been looking through the army lists but haven't found anything i really like. Any suggestions as to a list?

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    well, obviously a vampire lord. IMO, you should specialize the lord so have him as either a combat character or a magic character (in your case, a magic user). Give him:
    Master of the black arts
    +1 magic level
    Forbidden lore
    Lord of the dead/summon ghouls (this is up to you)
    Walach's bloody hauberk
    Book of arkhan
    Biting blade
    Ths makes for a good lord. 5power dice and knowing all th spells of 1 lore in addittion to IoN is always nice to have
    I'd have 3 hero level characters. 2 vampires:dark acolyte, Lord of dead/Summon ghouls+magic items of your choice. Id also take a necromancer on corpse cart with either 2 dispel scrolls or hand of dust. this way, you have 12 power dice and 2-5 bound items is quite savage

    I'd advise a block or two of 20skeletons and a block or 2 of 12-20ghouls.

    Grave guard are a must have since they're great for putting your lord in.

    Wraiths and a varghulf are quite nice to have.
    I'd advise something along the lines of

    Vampire Lord 440
    + 1 magic level
    Master of the Black arts
    Forbidden Lore
    Summon Ghouls
    Biting Blade
    Walach's Bloody Hauberk
    Book of Arkhan

    Vampire 175
    Summon Ghouls
    dark acolyte
    Helm of Commandment

    Vampire 160
    Lord of the dead
    dark acolyte
    Black periapt

    Necromancer 230
    +1 spell
    Hand of dust
    Corpse cart

    20 skeletons 180

    20 Ghouls 160

    15 Ghouls 120

    20 grave guard 280
    Banner of Hellfire

    5 wraiths 250

    Btw, if i got any of my maths wrong, tell me and ill correct it

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