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    8th ed: a good thing or is it to be feared?

    greetings my fellow brethren of the night,

    with all the rumors flying about concerning a possible 8th edition of fantasy, i'm curious to see what my fellow vampires think of the potential rule changes?do you think we're going to be better off? roughly the same? or are we about to be hammered by the dreaded nerf-sitck?!personally i feel that if even half the rummors are somewhat true than we're in for a rough ride...
    - magic being overhauled. most rummors suggest that going magic heavy will be a *huuuuuuge* risk, especially if you happen to miscast! also that dispelling will be a bit easier. for an army that depends on magic to survive and fully take advantage of their strengths, magic becoming more dangerous to use is a bad thing! it's already possible to have your general explode from miscasting, god forbid if it becomes an even bigger risk!
    i also highly doubt the idea about the magic phase coming before movement is true... it would effectively make vanhels danse an utterly broken spell!
    also, as much as i like the idea of adding your magic level to your casting roll, i can't see that one being true simply because it would mean that we'd be auto-casting invocation with Lv2's!!! enough people already complain about vamps being the cheesiest army due to the ease with which we can spam invocation... there's no way GW would make it even more abusable!

    - combat. the idea of the front 2 ranks fighting seems great at first, but then i remember that pretty much everything fights better than we do! so basically it means that the fighty armies would get even better, but the hoard armies still lose just as bad...

    - fear & outnumbering becoming less dangerous. okay, so it's annoying when someone auto-runs because we have 1 more guy than they do... but still, that's the whole point of the undead! we're damn scary! hopefully this change is nothing too major, because if it only becomes something like say an additional -1 or such, our core units especially just became very over-priced for what they do!
    it's not like our ranked units have ever been 'uber killy, (unless there's a vampire or wight king in the unit!) so nerfing 'fear' effectively nerfs our units who typically have some of the worst statlines in the game! (blood knights & ethereal units aside)

    - percentages. this is my biggest gripe! like our tomb king cousins, we're a character-focused army. all of our units work best when supported by our characters and their abilities.the idea of being restricted to only 25%pts in those all-important models sends shivers down my spine! basically it means that we'd be limited to only 1-2 characters in games of 2000pts or under! (and tomb kings would be even worse since they *must* have 2 characters for their army to be legal!!!)
    here's how it would look for most games;
    1000pts = 250pts for characters
    1500pts = 375pts for characters
    2000pts = 500pts
    2250pts = 562pts
    2500pts = 625pts
    3000pts = 750 ptsso basically, untill the 2500pts mark, our character choice is massively handicaped! 3000pts is no better, because while we get a good deal of pts, most other armies will still have better synergy overall with their characters...in most tournaments though, we're going to be limited to say a vampire lord or else a pair of vamps + wight king/necro. i've played 2000pts games that don't allow lords, and overall, we simply can't compete anywhere near as well since our magic is too limited and our troops are left without enough support... or else it becomes a boring zombie-spam/pts denial game which is hardly fun for either player.

    i hope that if alot of these rummors turn out to be true, that we get a new book soon after 8th ed is released, since of all the armies, we'd easily take the hardest hit! (although daemons could also find themselves left brused and battered by the nerf stick as well!)
    call me a pessimest, but i'm honestly dreading what 8th ed could hold for my favourite army!cheers!

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