Hi guys!

Does anyone remember Turok 2: Seeds of Evil?

Awesome game!The second level involves fighting loads of undead, zombies, bigger zombies and leech type thingies and giant spiders - if I remember rightly - that spew forth from Soul Gates throughout the level that you need to destroy. The hordes are led by the 3 Sisters of Despair... Am looking for a new army to start collecting, having got DE and Bretonnians well under wraps. I really like the Slaanesh Daemonettes, but I hear Daemons are vastly overpowered. Want something a bit more of a challenge.

Was thinking of a foot slogging army - lots of Ghouls, Zombies, maybe some skeletons. With some bats to wizz around and harass the enemy. A corpse cart. Maybe some Wraiths and a Varghulf just for some variation. Don't want to use any Cavalry. I know that VC have potent magic phase. I want to use 3 female vampires to lead the army (1500 points) - each representing one of the sisters. I know they only have magic level 1 each... Is this enough to power an army?

Have no expereince with VC and it is a good idea, just don't know if it will work... What do you guys think?

Would appreciate any feedback