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    Lore of Death - GOOD STUFF!

    For you Vampire Counts who have been going with Lore of Light and Lore of Beasts (like I have), I highly recommend Lore of Death...

    Just did a 1500 Battle against Lizardmen, and it was a complete table wipe.

    Magic phases were mediocre at best - 3 characters - 1 Vamp Lord lvl 2 (MotBA)(Lore of Death), 1 Vamp and an Invocation Necro.


    Slann Mage-Priest (Lore of Light) and Skink Priest w/Engine of the Gods.

    Granted some things went my way and not his but Lore of Death was the true game winner.

    There is nothing sweeter than munching a Skink Priest and rendering an EoG's useless than with the simple spell of Spirit Leech (Skink Priest gone...turn one). Spirit Leech also did the stegadon in as well, with some Varghulf support, and Caress of Laniph was brutal against the Slann.

    Also the chance to gain back Power Dice is incredible, I did soooo much character damage and monster damage that their wounds were powering my IoN's. Ended the game with a tabled Lizardman player and 6 missing Grave Guard.

    I think that with the exception of Daemons, Lore of Death will seriously up the usefulness of Ethereal units as well.

    And even though I've talked bad about them before, 1 Die IoN's with 3 casters was a beautiful thing, especially when getting pummeled with Lore of Light

    Please share your experiences with Lore of Death or any other Lores so we can learn from one another, but as for vs. Lizardmen - Lore of Death - is a must for me.

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    yeah lore of death is great, skink priest has no chance , though Caress of Laniph only puts 1 wound on slann on average

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