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    Any advice for starting a Vampire Counts army??

    I've been playing with an Empire army and have been thinking of starting a second army but I am really torn between what I want to play.... I want something that involves a lot of strategy and planning, as well as a fair amount of close combat power as compared to my Empire army which has a lot of strong shooting and magic and then just outnumbers the survivors.
    I really like the Vampire storyline, and how they came from Egypt. (I try to base my armies off of fluff but I like to win a game or two as well....)
    I was thinking of making a Vampire army, at between 2000 - 2500 points. It would look something like this:
    Vampire Lord Close Combat style
    Wight King BSB with Drakenhof or Hellish Vigor banners on Skeletal Steed
    A Forbidden Lore vampire with Heavens or Light
    Black Coach (or two)
    9-11 Black Knights with Strigoi banner, send these guys with BSB
    1-2 units of Grave Guard
    2-3 units of Skeletons. HW and Shield.

    I have another idea, probably a better one lol.... but I don't like the fluff as much.... I like vampires as nobility not as beasts.... But I would max out on Lords and Heros, take Ghoulkin, and the rest pretty much all Ghouls with a few Varghulfs to catch fast stuff....

    Vampire Lord with Forbidden Lore, Beasts
    2-3 Vampires for support
    2 Vargulfs
    and all Ghouls

    Any thoughts or suggestions??

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    your second list would be more viable in competitive play from everything i have manged to gleen off of these forums and talking to other gamers adn staff at my local GW and if your gonna do it give the VL either the ethereal rule :- cant touch this dragon/chimera or redfury

    for your preffered fluff list it actually sounds liek a good idea the black coach(s) now just eat any PD that rolls a 6 after they are generated from either army
    E.G your phase you roll 3+4 you then channel 1 of the 2 chances you have giving you 8 PD you now roll them all and any 6's beef up the coach (randomly determined if you haev 2) and the same again in your oponents phase the only problem is they continue to eat board wie power even after thy hit 6 on their chart.

    if you want some comedy in the list give a unit of GG or even your BK's the Banner of eteral flame from BRB as they have magik attacks to start this gives them Flaming magic attacks great for monster hunting and or the Banner of Hellfire to a unit of skeles to grant them magic flaming attacks also just becuase its funny to watch I'd say use Light with that setup for ASF I+WS10 on one of your uints.

    Btw if you cast the I+WS10 onto your CC vamp and doe his combat 1st and if he has the Helm of comand (transfers WS to aniother unit if hes not in CC) once his combat is finished aslong as he wins adn is nolonger in CC eh can pass his WS which is now 10 onto another unit within i think its 12" making their combat also much easier.

    anotehr lore to consider is Shadow its last spell converts LD to S unitll your next magic phase S9 BK's? S10 Melee unit (due to VL being there) all these things are nasty

    hope some if not all of this helps and gl

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