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Thread: 8th 2250 chaos

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    8th 2250 chaos

    hello all,

    I have played alot with my Vamps in 7th, but I havent tried the 8th yet, and next week is my first battle. I am up against the warriors of chaos (also a very experienced player) and since I havent played 8th Vamps yet, are there any specific strategies (both on the board and the list) that I should be aware of? I heard the Vampires took quite a beating rule-wise and the warriors of chaos are quite strong nowadays. So are there any viable lists/strategies?

    All advice is appreciated.


    PS: We are playing with the 'no special characters' rule so we cant use any named characters (like mannfred, konrad, etc.)

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    First thing, you need bigger units then you may have been used to in 7th eddition. Emphasis has been moved to large block units so you will want at least 20-25 models in a unit to start with, and thats if you can raise them above starting size, otheriwse 30 strong. This is also will also help due to magic getting vastly altered for vamps, as you cannot expect toget all the dice you will need each phase, and you can not risk throwing a single die at raising units anymore, starting with larger units will take alot of presure off, allowing you to also throw some dice at offensive spells.

    All lists these days expecting to win combat carry either helm of commandment to pass on a ws, or at least one vampire with lore of light to cast one of thier spells which increases a units ws and i to 10. As your not going to make people run away through outnumbering with a fear causer anymore you need to buff the relativley weak combat prowess of your troops in any way you can. ( i must warn though that there is no point buying the brb enchanted weapon "duelists blades" which give you ws 10 to use with helm because its points better spent elsewhere).

    Ghouls are a solid unit, great with thier poison attacks and high T, but in 8th eddtion skeletons have edged (imo) just infront due to the advantages that command groups have given units tacticaly. The GG block is standard in most armies now aswell, although most people are taking slightly bigger units and where as before shields were favoured and the unit used to carry around a general, more and more often the unit carries great weapons and is used as a hammer more than an anvil.

    You will want a lvl 4 vampire and maybe even buff him with items that give him even more of a bonus to casting. In 8th eddtion although your spell level doesnt generate extra dice, the lelvel is added to your dice roll when casting spells so a lvl 4 that rolls 8 on two dice results in a casting value of 12 (4+8=12), so if you can give him an item that pushes the value up even further it means your more likely to have spells not dispelled.

    hope some of this helps a little.

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