Tale of Heroism to inspire the Undead in 8th ed. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Tale of Heroism to inspire the Undead in 8th ed.

    I was recently playing a game that wasn't going well for me agaisnt WoC, go figure. Especially as he had a little level 2 mage running around getting off the purple sun every other turn and I tend to run horde sized units. Plus my opponent still hasn't familiarized himself with the new rules and so he was argueing alot, eventually I just got sick of it and let him win the arguments.

    Anyways to the point. Around turn 4 or 5 he had my block of grave guard pinned between his halberd wielding khorne block with flaming attacks to the front and his 10 man chaos knights with a tooled up bsb to the rear, well the gg didn't last and the lone vampire survived until my turn in, when I charged my Lord's units into his knights, and another unit into his lords unit. Along comes my magic phase and the lone vampire pincered uses the power scroll and cast the big version of the +3A +3S lore of beasts spell. I just so happened to have 3 Vampires and 2 WK's in range, And he explodes, but dosn't do so well enough to kill anything. Rolled a 7 on the miscast but he puppeted it to a 10. Anyways now we are getting to the good part, I issue a challange with my WK in the unit that hit the knights his bsb accepts, other combat I don't issue a challange his lord does so I accept with my champion.

    My vampire goes out swinging he drags down 6 khorne warriors before being killed himself.
    His bsb does 1 wound to my WK who in return does no less than 6 wounds to him
    My lord cuts into the chaos knights killing no less than all 9 of them
    His lord flubs against my champion, his unit kills 3 ghouls.
    My vampire + WK strike back and do no less than 17 wounds of which his tzeentchy 5+ parry save only saved like 3 ( woulda been more but the other tricksters helped alot)

    His army was pretty much decimated in one turn. It was pretty awesome. I have to admit he did roll poorly, and the fact that I hit and wounded with pretty much everything was also in my favor.

    Btw that spell plus any Red Fury vampire is just disgusting.

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