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    A question about Konrad...

    Is it possible to cause 30 wounds with konrad.

    The main reason i'm thinking this is because of the following.

    Konrads base attacks are 3+1 for frenzy and hypothetically+1 for the charge.

    5 attacks.

    Hypothetically all hit and all wound due to konrads sword that makes it 10 wounds.

    Unless i'm mistaken red fury gives you +1 attack per wound you cause so thats 10 additional attacks.

    Hypothetically they all hit and wound.

    Thats 10x2+10=30

    Thus konrad does 30 wounds and makes the oponent take 30 armor saves O_O.

    Can anyone confirm this for me? I think if thats true konrad is wayyyyy worth his points cost ^_^.

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    that only works against multi-wound target like trolls/ogres/ushabtii and such... If a model only has 1 wound on it's profile, you can only ever count as doing 1 wound to it - the excess are wasted.

    And good 'ol Konrad can get upto 56 wound actually
    4 base + 1 for frenzy
    cast birona's timewarp
    cast savage beast of horros
    = dead ogre horde!

    Keep in mind though to pull it off you'll need 2 other vamps each w/forbidden lore to access the proper spells, and alot of luck that both go off without being dispelled! Still, it's a nifty thing to know...


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