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    Only 8 Magic Items - which to choose?!?

    So, we can pretty much rest assured that when our book is re-done we'll be shrunk down to just 8 magic items... So that brings us to, 'which items should we gain/keep?'

    Personally, I'd like to see something along the lines of;
    1) Blood Drinker. pretty much a nesessity for a combat lord - especially if we lose the ability to raise/heal in a similar fashion to the tomb kings!

    2) Chaos Tomb Blade/Sword of Unholy Power. Adds a power or dispel dice per wound caused in the next magic phase.

    3) Wristbands of Black Gold. same as current.

    4) Cursed Book. up its pts cost to 45-50 and put it back to the way it was; -1 to-hit for all enemies within 6".

    5) Hand of Dust. It's a fun item, and very iconic too being that it's Nagash's own severed hand...

    6) Staff of Damnation. Same as current.

    7) Barrows Banner. Same as current.

    Hell Banner. all enemies within 6" are -2Ld. would actually make our fear-causing worth a damn!

    Things like the hoff banner, black axe of krell and such could become options offered by special characters... (ie: give Vlad his ring & the hoff banner - would make him into an interesting all 'rounder similar to a slaan perhaps?!)

    Anyways, what other items should we perhaps have the option of keeping?

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    I'd be happy with those apart from the wristbands and the book. I don't see the wristbands as particularly vampiric or iconic to us, I'm quite tempted by keeping walach's bloody hauberk. For the book I would much rather have helm of commandment instead, unless we get something like the tomb king's new rule for passing on weapon skill (fingers crossed)
    "Knights had no meaning in this game. This wasn't a game for knights."

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