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    Magic and Spell Limit question

    So after nearly two years of being put away I pulled my vampire counts army out of the back of the closet and started to build a list and I think I need a little clarification on the rules for spell allocation.

    Since without the Forbidden Lore talent you can only have one of each spell in our army. Is this as much of a crippling limitation as it seems?

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    No it is not crippling.
    All vampires get IoN regardless of how many or what lore.
    Necromancers pay for their spells so they never count against randomly rolled spells.
    Forbidden Lore allows you to have all spells of a lore and don't count against other randomly rolled spells.
    If you take a Lvl 4 and a Lvl 2 Vampire with Lore of Vampires you get all 6 spells, do you feel you need more this?

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    8th ed's magic phase is all about knowing what spells you absolutely need to cast, (invocation, vanhel's and a buff), and those spells which seem dangerous, but are just ment to sucker out dispel dice (curse of years, hexes, death's sniper spells etc...)
    We don't need to spam crap like before as we can't min/max our core as we did in 7th. The only important spells you really need are; healing, movement, buffs, hexes.

    Luckily we have vampires who all know how to heal (invocation) and can auto take the required buffs (loremaster ability).
    Then we have super cheap necros who auto buy the heal (invo) and auto buy the movement issue (vanhel's danse).
    Finally, we have the Good Book for added insurance.

    We have no actual need to play by the rules and roll for our spells as all the other 'cattle races' are forced to!

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