Isabella Von Carstien - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Isabella Von Carstien

    So fellas, I was thinking about Vlad's mistress, Isabella and her cup o' Joe (Geddit?! ).

    Is she effective by herself? Simply leading a smaller army? And who's used her in larger games? Just wanting an idea of your experiences.

    Cheers, CG

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    I've used her a few times as a beefed-up necromancer type charater who supports a caster lord, and she's been quite handy in that role.
    I'll slap both the caster lord & Issie into a bunker behind a large unit of grave guard. The lord goes nuts with buffs & hexes as I like to take light magic, and Issie will use her chalice to offset the Crimson Gem of Lahmia! Sometimes, you really need that extra power dice, and the chalice can pretty much negate the risk when sacrificing just 1 wound.
    Plus, it can be quite a surprise for your opponent when after even an average winds of magic roll, you suddenly add 3 power dice instead of just the 2 they were expecting from MotBA's!

    Other than that, she's a terrible character as her stats are below those of a regular thrall, she's got no armour at all, and no ward save. Plus she's only a Lv1 wizard so she'll be shut down pretty easily.
    Still, she's a bargin pts-wise if you really need another vampire to keep the army moving, but we do have better options like vargs or the coach...


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