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    1000 Pts (Unusual idea for army!)

    Hey everyone, before I post my list, I'd like to explain the idea for the army. Most vampire count armies I see use use huge armies of skeletons and zombies that try to tie the enemy up, and rely heavily on magic to buff/ improve them so stall the other player out. I tried running the army this way, and in execution, all that ended up happening was my casters frequently committed suicide through unstoppable force when rolling double sixes. I'm still pretty new, so I might have been screwing something up. ANYWAYS, after flipping through the codex, I realized that by abusing certain units and gear, it would be possible to create a highly mobile army that excelled at rapidly striking the enemy, piercing/ignoring the enemy's armor, while not totally ignoring magic. I've included short blurbs on each piece after, defending the choice before I wrap up. Anyways, the army list is:

    HQ (250)
    Vampire Lord Alucard (205, Sword of Kings (25), Avatar of Death (20) )250

    Core (256)
    2X 15 Crypt Ghouls with One Crypt Ghast (128) 256

    Rare (175)
    Varghulf (175)

    Special (313)
    5 Grave Guard (Vampire Retinue, 60, Great Weapons, 5) 65
    10 Black Knights (240, One Musician 8) 24

    If I'm being a fat noob, please explain how, and try to back it up with some sort of fact/evidence. ( saying I'm a retard doesn't really help out with improving anything!!!)

    The army adds up to 994. I'd add another ghoul somwhere, but I don't have one ( I bought my things on line, not at a hobby store).

    The reason there are no zombies/skeletons is because ultimately, all three are close combat versions of each other. But I find ghouls have the best stats, 2 atks, and poison. And they cost the same as skeletons. granted, skeletons have armor saves... that are quickly penetrated by anything with real strength. In most games, it didn't amount up to much.

    The Knights help along with the Shock aspect of the army, by using their Wight Blades to pen anything other then monstrous infantry.

    The Varghulf is a great way to quickly initiate a fight with knights/ ghouls marching behind him as he engages the enemy front. In these smaller games, it's often possible to charge on the first turn with him, and I can have all other units march (since they are within a foot of the general), and they can charge in the turn after.

    The Count sits back with a small entrouge (sp?), and uses spells untill there is a point where it's worth charging in. The Count is alomst impossible to kill in close combat with his gear, and I do what I can to keep him out of close combat untill then. His small body guard helps keep him from being slaughtered at long range from anything dangerous ( especially in addition to the Look Out Sir! special rule).

    I've been playing locally with a few new friends, and they scoffed when they saw the army. Then I started winning/drawing. I want to enter a tournament with them, but I wanted feedback before that...

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    I like the theme of the army but there are a couple of things that I wonder how you cope with.

    First of all is magic. What would you do if they brought along a decent wizard? The chaos list I usually run has a level 4 as general and still has a decent presence in combat.
    I'm assuming the first turn charge is if they move towards you first turn. What about a gunline list?
    If your general comes up against anything half decent he's gonna get kicked across the battlefield he's only got a 4+save. A unit of bret knights could kill him on the charge with ease. Perhaps invest in a decent wardsave or better armour? Or get a hero level vamp and tool him a little more?

    Just a few thoughts kicking around


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    I am intrigued, I would like to see this list filled out to 2000 pts, this kinda has the feel of a strigoi or, perhaps a lahmian themed army. fast moving and hard hitting, considering the ghouls and vargulf. if you fill it out to standard 2000 point armylist, it could be cool to play with.
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