Vampire Counts v.s the new Tomb Kings - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Vampire Counts v.s the new Tomb Kings

    I just wanted to know, how would the Vampire Counts fare against the new Tomb Kings?

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    If you make it a Skeleton-on-Skeleton grindfest, you'll get pasted. Their Skellies are much cheaper, and their characters can improve their performance directly (if he has a Tomb Prince in those Skellies, yours don't have a prayer - they'll be hitting on 3's as compared to yours hitting on 5's!). I think the best way to fight the current TK's is by taking advantage of the fact that you have superior quality units (even though that will mean you'll have less numbers on the table), so bring Ghouls - they'll be hard for the Skellies to hurt, and their offensive output is superior, especially when you add Poisoned Attacks to the mix.

    Grave Guard will probably hold an edge over Tomb Guard (even if they have a Tomb Prince, provided you are properly equipped - *cough* Hatred *cough*), thanks to having access to Great Weapons (which trumps their Halberds in the realm of Strength and make the units cost the same overall). A Varghulf will wreak havoc against most of their units, thanks to flight giving you a HUGE mobility edge (and the Varghulf's own gaudy statline). Your Vamp is probably going to want to bring Lore of Light if you have the ability to tailor your Lore to them, just so you can get some performance buffs and lay on some extra pop on those damage spells.

    Beware their monstrous infantry choices - those Necropolis Knights are NASTY. Overall, I see VC's having a tough time with the new TK's if they try to put horde against horde, but if you play it smart and focus on bringing better guys to the table you have a shot.
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    Son of LO
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    In other words, just keep playing the same boring 'ol list we've been forced into since last July because our book is a steaming pile of shite...

    Ghouls, more ghouls, Grave Guard w/GW's + Barrows Banner, WS Hat caster-general in bunker, add 1-2 rare units to flavour... (come on GW, this is getting old - give us a break will ya?!!)

    Also, be very careful of a large chariot unit toting the Banner of Eternal Flame... True it could also be hiding in their Tomb Guard, but that banner will ruin a drakenhofguard unit before you can even blink! It might honestly be worth leaving the drak-banner at home and instead putting the Blood Keep Flag into your GG as the TK's will also look to savage that unit with all their shooting. (and the catapult is flaming attacks too, so yet another reason the leave the regen banner out of your list!)

    The Casket of Souls will savage your ranked infantry rather badly, so try not to let it go off... His buff spells will also cause no end of grief because they also heal his troops. The +1A buff is probably the most terrifying to us, though the Killing Blow buff can be bad news when hitting against unit that hide our characters! It's worthwhile to ensure your general is using the Cadaverous Cuirass so he can ignore KB.

    Finally, considering his troops will almost always beat the shit out of our stuff, let him charge with everything bar his chariots for obvious reasons! The +1CR is near-pointless, and it's far more important that we get access to our healing ASAP!

    His monsters can be brought down fairly easily by masses of ghouls as they'll just poison the things to death... Wraiths can be a rather humorous way to deal with the nasty necro knights too, but beware of them being light-magiked to death!
    Also, those stalkers are a real pain for us, because like scorpions, they will have easy access to your general's bunker unit as they can just pop up behind it!!! It might be worthwhile to make a more survivable general who can hang out in a meaty unit of Grave Guard - leave a support thrall in the bunker to simply bait those units to come up as fast as possible, then hit them with magic/cavalry that's been held back as a small reserve force!

    Hope this helps,

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