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    Build for a ghoul supporting vampire?

    Hi. Im sure this has been brought up in the past, but I recently ran into a little trouble with coming up with a effective and fluffy vampire build to run along with my flanking ghoul units, my skeletons usualy hold the center. Im thinking about sticking a vamp into a 20 man ghoul unit, supported by some bats/wolves and have them rush one flank. Problem is Im not sure how to best equip him for both effectiveness and fluff, since most of the best items from the vamp armory have already been taken by my other toons. My current plan right now is the following:
    Vampire - Cursed Book, Forbiden Lore (beast), Summon ghouls
    -(170 )
    My plan is to start him off inside the unit and cast Bears Anger on himself just before making contact with the enemy. Should give him 6 attacks, at Str7 and T5. This way he is deadly in CC AND raises ghouls on 3+. All enemies will be reduced to WS1 the turn he charges/is charged so should be able to do some major damage to just about anything? Anyone ever try this tactic? If not, how do you equip your vampire that run along with ghouls/flanking unit?

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    you mean The Savage Beast of Horros right? +3S+3A
    and you raising ghouls on a 3+
    IoN 4+ +1 for Lv1 +1 for Summon ghouls so on a roll of 3 which btw is the MINIMUM roll before modifiers to cast as a roll of 1 or 2 (only a problem on 2 dice or less) means you have cast the spell with a cast value of 5 as for the cursed book its one use per game so not so useful IMObetter off giving him Nightshroud making any one wanting to attack Him I1 and removing ASF from them aswell as any charge bonus they might have agasint you and he'll cost the same price but be more effective as then its every time he's fighting not just once per game

    Hope that helped

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