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    any thoughts on vampire counts in storm of magic

    I am thinking varghulfs, big units of ghouls although not sure on what characters on what to give them in storm of magic

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    i was thinking that i gonna take 2x wizards w/forbidden lore, and some other characters. no varghulfs, theyre the worst monsters in the whole warhammer, any unit w/ flaming attacks will eat them. no fun. units i would pick 40 skeletons, 40 ghouls, black or black knights, grave guard block(20-30) (no cairn wraiths, 'cause magic is all that matters in storm of magic so they will melt in the battlefield).
    as lord build i would take:

    vampire lord
    forbidden lore: (beasts, shadows, light pick one)
    master of black arts
    summon ghouls or lord of the dead
    flayed hauberk
    carstein ring or hand of dust and gem of blood
    additional magic level

    you really want to get lore master to your lord, 'cause then you'll get to throw anything you want to from the lore,
    and the master ob black arts 'cause you just cant have too much pd
    summon ghouls if you have ghouls mostly, lord of the dead if vice versa
    a crushing 2+ as w/ 3 ward save this fella's almost impossible to kill
    and when you'll throw the carstein ring, he will become really immortal!
    or if you just dot want to invest on the ring take the hand of dust and if you'll get charged by a chimaera or manticore it will most likely melt before it can even attack!

    so here's what i was going take in my local store's mega battle of storm of magic
    but remember that the new vampire counts are coming in august, so it'll be fun to see the new vampiric monster that they have promised to reveal!

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    Well, I'm thinking;
    - MotBA's isn't mandetory anymore since we get to roll 4D6 for the magic phase, and both pools now cap at 24 dice!

    - A Lord on hellsteed w/dreadknight, red fury, dreadlance, nightshroud & other trickster's shard will be ace at kicking enemy wizards off of their fulcrums...

    - Ward & Vetock have proven that they hate VC's as our two new Catacylsm spells are kinda 'meh'...
    Sure The Army of Doom Keep is good - being able to summon a random-sized unit of grave guard + wight king, but you need 'Dominance' to even get access to it!
    Maladiction of Nagash is crap... On paper it looks epic, all enemy units within range take -D3 strength, but it's casting cost is horrific, so you'll need to luck into the winds of Chamon or Shyish being in accendancy for the turn, or else run a nice fat risk of miscasting! Seriously, I'll just stick to shadow magic if I want to screw with the enemy's stats...

    Tomb Kings mind you got two very good Catacylsm spells... For their 'Presence' they get a RiP spell that turns their Nehekaran Lore attribute into a Standard of the Undying Legion, while for just 'Equilibrium', they get the absolutely godly 'Return of the Golden Age' which is an army buff to their WS/S/I!!! (kings & princes are nuts with this btw...)

    So yeah, if Ward or Vetock write our new book, it's gonna suck balls...

    - Fell Bats need not apply (as much) in SoM games... Instead, I'll take my 2 new units of harpies who can get magical, flaming, poisoned, killing blow attacks for less than the cost of 2 skeletons!

    - The Dragons of 5th ed are back! No zombie dragon though, sadly.

    - Wizard's Towers & Arcane Ruins are rather dangerous places to garrison, walk into now! Sigmarite Shrines are also buffed a bit, though none of the buffs really help the undead in any way... (poop!)

    It going to be fun for sure, but like everything 8th edition, the VC's overall performance will rely alot on our opponents not being totaly dicks and overtly abusing the stuff that really nails us hard. Otherwise, we're stuck with just bringing the same-old, same-old to the table alongside some new monsters for a bit of flavour.


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