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    VC and Storm of Magic

    So, SoM is going to be released in a couple of days now (well, here in Australia it will be at least!). And we should all have a rough idea of what it's about: Monsters and magic! And by the bucketful too! 4D6 Winds of Magic!? Hells yeah!

    As VC players, we've got some pretty decent magic as well as some solid casters. Are we all feeling confident? Or are we worried that our Vampire general will be vulnerable to damage and we might risk our armies crumbling? Just post your thoughts, ramblings, ideas, tactics, whatever!

    Also: VC will be getting an update of sorts next month, not sure of what it'll contain, but rumours seem to be of some sort of undead monster. Possibly something called a "Flesh Gollum". I'm not sure on any of this, but I am looking forward to it!

    Looking forward to what you guys are thinking of,
    Cannibal out

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    Well, for one, I don't think we're going to want our general to hold any fulcrums! Things can go very bad with the new miscast table for example! Plus, he won't have the same kind of protection he'd get in a ranked unit, with a champion for example being able to shoulder any unwanted challenges...

    Still, with the sheer amount of wizards we can bring to the table, we'll have no shortage of candidates to put up on those fulcrums! Necros are a cheap source for holding the 'home base' fulcrums, while a fighty Thrall or Lord can really hand out a beating to enemy wizards! (just beware of tings like the empire's speculum becoming even more common now!)
    Even Tzeentch sorcerers won't like getting hit by say a hellsteed mounted vampire who's touting some fighty skills and the Other Trickster's Shard.

    Our new Cataclysm Spells are crap to be honest though... Our basic spell, The Maladiction of Nagash which requires 'presance' (ie: you must be holding 1 fulcrum), is one of the hardest presance level spells to cast!
    Plus, it's simply an area-effect -3 strength bombs. Maybe for a necro it's a fine idea to try and surprise an opponent with, but our vampires are too important to risk, considering it'll now be much easier to simply cast the hexes from the lores of shadow/death instead!

    Even worse is The Army of Doom Keep, which looks great on paper - summon a wight king + grave guard unit in the same manner as a 13th spell! But then consider;
    a) you need 'dominance' to unlock it. (so, control more fulcrums than your opponent).
    b) it's casting value is high and only gets a +4 bonus if the right lore is in ascendance for the turn.
    c) it's very random... You could get nice fat unit, or you could get less than a minimum sized unit! >.<

    Tomb Kings got the better end of the stick with their spells overall... Their presance level spell gives their lore attribute the same effect as the Standard of the Undying Legion, while their super spell, Return of the Golden Age is simply godly and only requires 'equalibrium' to cast!!!
    Thus proving that Ward & Vetok hate us poor VC's...

    As for what I'm going to add, while, I'll be adding in a Sorceress Pact contingent of tomb kings to my Lahmians, along with a few heroes to use in conjunction with the new summoning spell to represent 'swains'! (enemy heroes who have fallen for a Lahmian lady)
    I'll also be adding a couple monsters as well, namely two units of those lovely new magical flaming attack, poisoned * killing blow harpies! Hello new 'better' fell bats, and they each come in at less than the cost of 2 skeletons!O.O

    Overall, I'm really liking the SoM expansion so far, the only downside is our crap Cataclysm Spells...

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