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    LO Zealot rothgar13's Avatar
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    August White Dwarf

    Surprised no one started this topic before.

    So, lads, what do you make of the new options VC's have in the August White Dwarf?

    I like Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees as minor Heroes with no upgrades - it makes them semi-spammable as 1-man units to tie up enemies, and they can make life quite difficult for units who can't muster up magical attacks or large amounts of static CR, and the Tomb Banshee's new shooting attack is pretty neat, too. As for the new kits... OMGWTFBBQ. Not to overshadow the Vampire Lord and Zombie Dragon in the same kit (which look quite good), but the Ghoul King and the Terrorgheist look AWESOME! And the new Wraith and Banshee ain't half bad, either.

    The jury's still out on the Terrorgheist mechanically, IMO - it's nice and sturdy on the Toughness and Wounds front, with a nice and nasty shooting attack you can even use in CC, but it's only got a 6+ Regen save to back it up if it does get hurt and it ain't cheap points-wise. One thing that they kind of skipped out on was working on the points for Core choices - Skellies could use a trim on point cost, and Zombies need some work as well.

    What say you?

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    Organised Chaos saltrock36's Avatar
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    The reason i havent bothered is that for the third month in a row my WD has not been delivered before it hits the shelves.

    Skeletons could do with a very slight points reduction, but i think gw are still in belief that you are able to field 10 skeletons and end up with a unit of 30 by turn 2. I dont think they have recovered the the fact yet between departments that whilst magic got alot better for most races, when it come to VCs is was never the casting value or power of the spell which made them work, but the number of times you could cast it, and with limiting dice its hurt quite badly.

    Im still not sure on Zdragons ever since they dont benifit from the riders special rules (Infinite hatred should you buy it).

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    Son of LO
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    Again, don't have my WD yet because I'm a subscriber and GW hates us now...

    The dragon model while awsome looking, still won't ever see the table for the most part because he's;
    a) the game's worst dragon. So what if it's -1 to-hit (in combat only I might add), he's still suffering from a lack of toughness and a crap save... Perhaps if he were to get say a regen 5+ or so and the extra point of toughness, he'd be able to actually survive a turn of shooting!
    b) way too many pts! it's almost 500pts for just a 'naked' vamp lord on dragon... Hell, even a naked chaos lord on dragon comes in at a more reasonable 570pts and he's armoured to boot! Plus, to ensure the dragon rider isn't our general, we need games of about 3200pts or more, otherwise anyone who has a single cannon will have a pretty easy 1-shot win as soon as the dragon rears it's ugly head...

    The Terrogiest, well I haven't seen all the rules yet, but I think from what I have seen it'll be a flop... It's suppossed to be fairly costly pts-wise, a 6+ regen is a joke and most other big gribblies will shred it.
    It's a nice boost for sure, but it's still more on the level of a griffon or manticore, rather than the nastier big guys such as dragons, sphinx, aracnaroks, hydras and such.

    Still it's better than nothing!
    But I'd have honestly rather skipped this 'wave' (3 models - pretty sad GW) and instead waited 1 year or so for our desperately needed 8th ed army book!


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