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Thread: Fell Bats....

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    Fell Bats....

    I'm just curious, does anyone plan on using them? They are cheap, i'll give them that. I would rather spend a bit more points on something harder hitting, say a varghulf.

    Anyway, one thing I found amusing is that last edition you needed three to make a unit and they sold them as packs of two in a blister. Now you can make a unit of two, and they sell them in three's lol

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    Fell bats are primarily used as warmachine hunters and are still good at that. Direwolves are also good at this but now our direwolves can use up some of our core allotment allowing more points for other things so I suspect we will see a lot more direwolves fill this role.

    Fell bats and Varhulfs fill different rolls, yes sometimes the best use of your varghulf is to hit the enemies warmachines but the biggest thing the varghulf gives you is a strong unit to attack flanks or provide extra combat res in a large battle.

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    Fell Bats are still extremely usefull for us;
    - cheap as chips war machine hunters, even more so than dire wolves. Taking a unit of 5-6 wolves + 2x units of 2 fell bats is 3 low-return targets for the opponent to worry about. And it only fills up 110'ish pts!

    - cheap extra drops during deployment. Drop your bats and other small units first so you can line your more crucial regiments up against much more favourable opposition.

    - faster frenzy bait. Sit 2-3 bats within range of the general's march bubble, then shoot them off at an angle in front of frenzied units to make their life misserable.

    - fell bats are better at screening our cavalry than dogs simply because they're faster. (may not be by much, but every extra inch can be vitally important in a close game!)

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